Roger Follett was fit enough in his prime to play A-league professional baseball as a catcher in northern California.

Then he adopted a new physical pastime: doing nothing. By the early 1990s, he ballooned to 270 pounds on his 5-foot-6-inch frame.

“I decided I was uncomfortable with how I felt and how things were going,” he said.

“I have a history of heart problems in my family, and I didn’t want to be 70 years old and not be able to enjoy my life.”

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More than 20 years after hitting the gym, Follett has muscled himself into what he figures might be the best shape of his life at 154 pounds.

» Briefly describe your daily/weekly workout routine.

A mix of 30 minutes of elliptical work for aerobic fitness and weight training.

» What inspired you to begin a regular fitness routine?

I remember I wanted to wear sweats to an Indianapolis Colts game with my wife. But she didn’t want me to do that. So I remember wearing jeans and feeling my belt cut into my waist. Then I got an exercise bike and a Bowflex.

» What is one of the main lessons you’ve learned with working out?

It’s not about how much weight you can lift. It’s about using the right motion, and the right procedure and using different angles. It just takes some effort and structure.

» Do you listen to music during your workout?

No, but during my cardio, I watch ESPN SportsCenter.

About Roger Follett

Age: 57.

City: Columbus.

Occupation: Automation consultant for Kirby Risk.

Family: Wife Cindy; daughters Shannon, 28, and Kelsey, 27.

Where you work out: Columbus’ Anytime Fitness.

Hours per week: 10.

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