Letter: Governor right to say no to refugees

From: Larry Jackson


The paramount responsibility of any governor is the safety and welfare of the population of their state. Our governor, Mike Pence, demonstrated his commitment to his oath of office and the citizens of Indiana by joining many other governors calling for a pause of additional Syrian refugees coming to their states.

The governor’s action is both prudent and appropriate. He and the other governors want more detailed information concerning the federal government’s vetting process in light of the civil war instability of Syria and the growing area now controlled by Islamic extremists. They want some assurance that there are not Islamic radicals planted among the refugees.

Recent polls indicate that 65 to 70 percent of Hoosiers agree with Pence; yet some loud liberals would have us believe that the governor has little support concerning his action.

Gov. Pence had the courage to resist misguided and dangerous political correctness by showing us that the safety of the citizens of Indiana is your number one priority. We are very fortunate having him at the helm.