Around Town – December 16

Orchids to …

• Jewell-Rittman for the wonderful remembrance service on Saturday and the beautiful Christmas ornaments.

• Jerome, for great customer service and seating us so quickly Saturday night, from the party of 17.

• the carolers from the Assembly of God for coming to sing at my house, from Jan Mace.

• E.R. Gray and Associates for the delicious kringle, from Johnny’s Muffler.

• Abbi Rooks for making the honor roll at North High School, from your family.

• John Gates at Bob Poynter of Columbus for your generosity in helping with funeral expenses and reminding us good, caring people are still in the world, from the Clymer family.

• Incoming Mayor Jim Lienhoop for making excellent choices of some highly qualified professionals to help lead our city, from a Columbus voter.

• CSA Lincoln PTO for the holiday breakfast, gifts and covering morning duties, from the CSA Lincoln staff. We appreciate your support.

• the dispatcher, paramedics and Columbus Regional Hospital for responding within 5 minutes to help the patient having a bad seizure, and to Dr. Nieters for taking such good care of Timmie, from Sharon Phillips and Timmie Jones.

• Maia Campbell for making the East High School honor roll, from Grandpa Allen and Meme.

• Columbus Baptist Church for the caroling and giving us cookies and candy, from the ladies in the 2400 building at Fairington Apartments.

• Calvary Nazarene Church for their concert.

• my sisters Shirley Farris and Doris Amos for all the help you have given our family from Don, Christine and Nathaniel Perkins.

• Harlequin Theatre for their performance of “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

• the family in Garden City that has the beautiful Christmas tree in its front window.

• Kathy Dell and the kids from Parkside Elementary choir for bringing us a Christmas program at the noontime Rotary Club meeting.

• the couple who helped me get back some money I lost in the Circle K parking lot, from Linda Naylor.

• the home-school group and their leaders who came to my door on Monday and sang “Happy Birthday” as well as several Christmas carols, from Jean Prebeck.

• the ladies in the Hope Elementary School office and to Ashley and Jessica for their help Monday, from Margie.

• the person who paid for my breakfast Tuesday morning on National Road, from John.

Onions to …

• the person who finds something wrong with spirit day pajama wearing.

• gun-control freaks who assume gun owners have no training in firing their weapons and have no facts or proof of friendly fire incidents to support their irrational theories of gun carriers being a greater public risk than terrorists.

• uptight people who have issues with spirit week activities, from a parent of a high school student.

• the person who somehow knows everyone who carries a gun, open or concealed, has never had any training. If a crisis should occur, we’ll let you fend for yourself.

• the owner of the Chevy Blazer that really needs a muffler to stop waking up the neighborhood every morning.

• those who pick security over liberty.

• those who make the automatic assumption that people who open-carry a gun do not have the training or judgment to do so.

• the charge nurse who cannot deal with conflict.

• those who throw their fast-food trash in people’s yards.

• the couple who watched me drop Christmas money in a parking lot, waited until I left then got out of their car and took the money.

• people who don’t stop or even slow down for the school bus on County Road 450S in the mornings.

Happy Birthday to …

• Paula Fetter, from Trish.

• Robert Wilson.

• Laura Long.

• Keighney Bowman on No. 2, from Mamaw and PaPaw Stephens, JB, Lauryn, Mommy, Daddy, Sissy, Diane and Dale.

• Launa Herrmann, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

• Dave Harmon, from your family and Donna.

• Sandra Harrison from Aunt Cleo.

• Lori Wells from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Lola Ann Thompson.

• Brian Shaw.

• Macy Jo Taylor from Dad.

• Jessica Gates Morrow from Skyler, Mason, Mom, Stephanie, David, Bobbi, Kaydence, Steven and Easton.

• Jeff Dickerson from someone who loves you.

• Piper Hinds, on No. 3, from Daddy, Grandma and Great-Grandma Hagerty, Krista and Kaley.

Belated Wishes to …

• Tim Loyd from Yancey.

• Kennedy Nading.

• Sam Freeman.

• Hanz Wiedersatz.

• Sam Fugate.

• Tracy Fugate.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Sean and Rebecca Eberhart from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Randall and Elizabeth Finke.