Around Town – December 18

Orchids to …

• the homeowners who greatly scaled back the yearly Christmas display and presented a very attractive, well-done display this year which is just beautiful.

• Linda Emily for the bingo donations as they are greatly appreciated, from Willow Crossing Activities.

• Joy of Giving for the gift card to help out my family this Christmas season.

• Marge Lazzell for the beautiful lap blankets as the residents will love them, from Willow Crossing Activities.

• Amy Kleffman and Sharon Bringle for baking and donating cookies for the Central Middle School bus drivers, from Central PTO.

• Ashton Parrish for ringing the bell to help others.

• Mike and Stacy Mellencamp for being so thoughtful of your employees during the holidays as your generosity is much appreciated.

• Megan who did such a good job while I was cashing a cashiers check  Wednesday at Centra Credit Union.

• Fairington Apartments, the 2400 building would like to thank Bob Evans for catering a delicious meal for our holidays and to everyone who came and sang as well.

• the aids in Memory Gardens at Kindred Transitional Care for their care and kindness on Wednesday, from Bernice and Barbara.

• our secret Santa for the Target gift card during a rough time this holiday season, from The Wenzlers.

• Kevin Butler and the chancel choir and bell ringers at First United Methodist Church for a wonderful program and community Christmas carol sing on Tuesday evening, from an appreciative guest.

• Tammy Frounfelter at Miracle Salon on Third Street for your loving kindness always, not just at Christmas, from Colleen.

• the woman who picks up sticks and garbage around Nicholas Lane.

• Demetrius Pinkney for the quick turnaround on our daughter’s phone repair and always providing quality and friendly service, from The Wenzlers.

• Kathy at Canterbury Apartments for being so helpful and friendly in getting me an apartment.

• all the families on East 25th Street from the city line out to State Road 9 for the beautiful Christmas decorations which delight my mind, from Evelyn Garwood.

• all the carolers who came down California Street on Wednesday night and sang in front of my house.

• Williams Brothers and Jeremy for excellent customer service, from Linda.

Onions to …

• people who leave family members when they should be there supporting them.

• the owner of the Chevy Blazer who shares their early morning routine by waking the entire neighborhood with a failed muffler.

• anyone who is so blind they can’t see the good this current president has done for our country.

• those who pick liberty over security.

• all the news and hoopla over one movie.

• inconsiderate family members who call at 10:30 p.m. and keep you on the phone for hours talking about work and other family members.

• the person who stole packages delivered by UPS off my porch that were for my mother’s birthday.

Happy Birthday to …

• Preston Shera, from your family and Donna.

• Mary Greathouse, from Richards and Marge.

• Emma Esch, from friends.

• Brian Jasper, from Craig, Carl, your loving friends and banana the dork.

• Kaylin Newland, from Nana, Papaw, Dad, Mom, Morgan,Jeff, Amy, Tye, Trey, Jamie, Tammy, Dylan, Kendra, Carrie and Tyler.

• James Sneed.

• Howard Downey.

• Skyler Anderson.

• Addison Kuncar.

• Alexia Kuncar.

• Laura Dempsey.

• Makayla Kruse.

• Kelsey Hubbard, from Dove Ministries.

Belated Wishes to …

• Eric, from Mom and Dad.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Carol for 60 wonderful years, from Ted.