Around Town – December 27

Orchids to …

• the Indianapolis newspaper that appropriately wished its readers a “Merry Christmas.”

• Pastor Teike and St Peter’s Lutheran Church for the ingenious twist on the third Sunday offering that took us to local grocery stores and bought food for Love Chapel. Kudos to all who kept it a secret.

• Harmon Construction for helping a newly single mom give her kids a good Christmas while looking for a home.

• Bill Dees, Kelli Hey, Alma Gommel, Mary Arnholt and Rena and Richard Elbert for the best surprise birthday party ever to celebrate my 70th. Thanks to all of my amazing friends and family who attended, from Pam.

• Nancy, Kim, Janet, Donnie and the lady in the kitchen who volunteers at the VFW for providing a wonderful Christmas Dinner and Bingo for my friends and family Wednesday night.

• The Salvation Army for an awesome Thursday evening service.

• those who called me and sent me Christmas greetings, from John Tinkey.

• St. Peter’s Lutheran Church and Lincoln Neighborhood Center for an awesome dinner at St. Peter’s Christmas Day.

• to all the volunteers who took Christmas Day to serve at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church and to all the bell ringers and volunteers at The Salvation Army for awesome work.

• Sheryl at Kroger for always being so kind and patient with your customers.

• all of the Columbus residents who celebrated the one true God by putting up lots of Christmas lights.

• Vicki Eden for the great Christmas Dinner at Sycamore Place.

• the Steve Knight family for the delicious Christmas meal, from John Tinkey.

• the two nice ladies who bought our lunch Christmas Eve at Sadie’s Family Dining. We will pay it forward.

• Ed Cherlin for all the help you have done for me during the year.

• Jackie for an awesome letter to the editor Saturday, from John Tinkey.

• the gentleman at Starbucks for paying for my coffee. It was very kind, and I will pay it forward.

• Mark and Janet Chapple for having Christmas Dinner at your home, from your family.

Happy Birthday to …

• Elizabeth Boyer.

• Emily Fowler, from your family.

• Ralph Rutan, from Chris.

• Chad Goecker, from Dad, Jeri, Tammy, Jodi, Tyler and the rest of the family.

• Amanda Burden, from Dove Ministries.

• Missy Spears, from Dove Ministries.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Markus and Jennifer Speer, on No. 18.

• Markus Dean and Jennifer Barr Speer, from John Tinkey.