City right to hear residents on commercial development

Community residents want local government to hear and consider their opinions. More importantly, it’s good business for the city and county to do so as much as possible.

Columbus residents are getting such an opportunity on the issue of commercial development near residential areas.

City officials are surveying residents in selected neighborhoods to see how they feel about commercial ventures in residential pockets. The Columbus-Bartholomew County Planning Department sent surveys in December to areas that already include commercial development.

Three of the five study areas are located between 11th and 25th streets. The others are located at Gladstone Avenue and McKinley Street and at Stratton Court and Talley Road.

The planning department requested the study during the summer to learn the pros and cons of having businesses in residential areas.

It’s important for the city to identify ideal locations for future commercial development, especially areas where residents are receptive.

Since commercial development would be right around the corner, it’s best to know how residents view that possibility.

The city took a good, proactive approach with the survey — one that should be kept in mind for future plans involving residential areas.