Letter: Declaration of Independence has references to God

From: Ken VanLiew


Hillsdale College wrote, “The framers of the American Constitution combined the best political ideas of the past with innovations in what ‘The Federalist’ called an improved science of politics: federalism, separation of powers, and checks and balances. Doing so, they created a form of government which had, in the words of James Madison, ‘No model on the face of the Earth.'”

Because men are not angels, government is necessary. Because no man stands to another as God to man, or as man to beast, government must be based on consent. The moral foundation of the Constitution is in the Declaration of Independence and its principle of equal rights. Under the Constitution, government was to be limited to protecting those rights.

The Declaration of Independence contains many references to God, among them words like “nature’s God” “the creator,” “supreme judge of the world” and “divine providence.” They are the moral foundation of the Constitution.

Many atheists and others claim there is no reference to God in the Constitution. I disagree.

Article VII describes ratification by the nine states in convention. It is by “unanimous consent of the States present the seventeenth day of September in the year of our Lord.” Note that it is not of “a” Lord, or even “the” Lord, but “our” Lord. The framers had possession of their Lord. What a comforting thought that is for this day and age.