Time Out with…Pete Huse

Pete Huse is in his first year as the athletics director at Columbus East. He has previously served in the same capacity at five other Indiana high schools, most recently at Greenwood.

What brought you to Columbus East?

Pete Huse: The athletic tradition was certainly what attracted me to Columbus East; I knew they had outstanding coaches. And just my desire to try to move to a little bigger school. Greenwood was a nice school of around 1,200 (students), but many times I just thought a school of 1,600, you’re a little stronger athletically. … The culture down here fits more my personality, and it’s just a beautiful, wonderful town.

How difficult is it to juggle all of the job requirements on a daily basis?

Huse: It’s incredibly difficult. Something that I really try to do, I try to get to a lot of events. Our wrestling team, which is really good this year, it just kills me that I wasn’t able to go up to Mishawaka and watch them. … But we’re hosting a freshman tournament at East, and our basketball teams are playing and stuff like that, so it is tough, because I really try to treat every sport equally and try to get time to see all of them, and you just can’t.

How quickly were you able to get up to speed on the intensity of the rivalry with Columbus North?

Huse: I don’t think I quite have an understanding just yet this first year … it’s been more kind of taking it in. Luckily, my assistant Tyler Davis and Brent Chitty, they’ve been so good about helping me, and even Bob Gaddis and Cheryl Anderson, all my staff, they just really help me out so much.

But again, that’s something that makes East special too, to have an in-town, same corporation rivalry like that where they go at it real hard, but after the game we’re friends.

How hard was it to fill out your wardrobe with enough orange?

Huse: Oh gosh; it’s been really tough. I’m still trying to add to it. Especially, I’ve got a unique size being my height and stuff, so to find something that actually fits the length of my arms has been the biggest challenge.