Marriage License Applications

Sarah Elizabeth Garrison, 24, Miami Court, and Eric Alan Glasner, 34, Miami Court.

Thomas David Hilderbrand, 55, Braeburn Court, and Elizabeth Frances Bowers, 48, Braeburn Court.

Huyen Khanh Nguyen, 25, Keystone Place, and Thang Minh Nguyen, 28, Keystone Place.

Miles Marshall Piercefield, 53, Jonesville, and Christine Faith Allman, 47, East Gore Street.

Shawn Scott Sanford, 38, Hope, and Sarah Jayne Warner, 50, Hope.

Steven Paul Schilders, 42, Mockingbird Drive, and Robin Lane Dunn, 46, Mockingbird Drive.

Shaley Michelle Huff, 27, Highview Way, and Jeffery Wayde Wright, 36, Lawton Avenue.

Matthew C. Morrill, 44, South Wolfcreek Road, and Jennifer M. Shaver, 39, South Wolfcreek Road.

Lauren Nicole Morris, 22, Pavia Court, and Joseph Allen Fields, 23, Pavia Court.

Ellen Dawn Young, 37, West County Road 250S, and Tonya Lee Jackson, 52, West County Road 250S.

Shannah H. Hercamp, 20, Pearl Street, and Richard S. Dalton, 19, St. Augustine, Florida.

Ruben Delgado, 29, Triangle Court, and Teresa Almaguer Puente, 23, Triangle Court.

Bobbi Elizabeth Bragg, 46, West Northgate Drive, and Timothy R. Mourey, 55, West Northgate Drive.

Francisco A. Espinosa, 30, Tippecanoe Lane, and Guillermina Aguilera Figueroa, 25, Tippecanoe Lane.

James O. Owens, 64, Jewell Street, and Linde A. Caraker, 64, Jewell Street.

Sarah Diana King, 28, Pennsylvania Street, and Maxwell Alexander Joyner, 27, Pennsylvania Street.

Kristin Marie Konstanty, 39, 17th Street, and Troy Martin, 32, 17th Street.

Christopher Richie, 32, Peach Street, and Hanna Whetstine, 32, Peach Street.

Scott Joseph Dyer, 53, Hope, and Teresa Ann Dora, 49, Hope.

Harshal Sudhir Kudupley, 28, Stonegate Drive, and Richa Nirbhya, 27, Wint Lane.

Joseph Fremont Young, 32, Fox Ridge Drive, and Reut Rachel Burstein, 26, Brooklyn, New York.

Edward Lee Cowan, 69, West Deaver Road, and Joan Marie Hall, 60, West Deaver Road.

Allyn Ashley Fink, 24, Hope, and Mark Allen Crossen, 26, Hope.

Minh Mai, 59, Lakestream Drive, and Huong Giang Ngoc Nguyen, 30, Lakestream Drive.

Michael Anthony Henson, 30, Indianapolis, and Jacquelyn Terri Dold, 33, Lee Court.

Lisa Joy Middendorf, 44, Cleveland Street, and Gregory Allen Barnsfather, 52, Cleveland Street.

Jianyang Geng, 24, Fieldstone Drive, and Yinjie Fan, 29, Fieldstone Drive.

Brian Michael Walker, 26, Gilmore Street, and Katie Elizabeth Lohmeyer, 26, Gilmore Street.

Christopher Michael James, 61, West Carr Hill Road, and Candace Cecile Hoffman, 68, West Carr Hill Road.

Clayton Milo Wood, 24, South County Road 550W, and Shelby Elizabeth Lowe, 21, South County Road 550W.

Chelsy Nicole Jessie, 24, Hawpatch Drive, and Bradley Dale Moore, 37, Hawpatch Drive.

Kurt Edward Graham, 30, West Ohio Ridge Road, and Briana Kay Schroeder, 30, West Ohio Ridge Road.

Gary L. Riehl, 61, Monterey Drive, and Paula K. Sexton, 46, Monterey Drive.

Matthew Douglas Weiss, 34, Robert Drive, and Sheana Rae Butz, 35, Robert Drive.

Justin Ryan Alford, 22, Fox Trail Lane, and Casey Lynn Purvis, 24, Fox Trail Lane.

Anthony John Thomas, 58, Jonesville Road, and Laurie Wagner Hughey, 47, Jonesville Road.

Kevin Ray Roberts, 47, East County Road 850S, and Amber Sue Silcox, 36, East County Road 850S.

Robert A. Foley, 29, California Street, and Elizabeth Diane Roberts, 27, California Street.

Timothy Wayne Magoon, 65, West County Road 550S, and Patricia Joanne Bower, 61, West County Road 550S.

Jacob Lawrence Fletcher, 20, Cambridge Square, and Kori Marie Rafferty, 20, Cambridge Square.

Keshia Renee Pitney, 24, Edinburgh, and Gavan Wayne Thompson, 24, Pence Avenue.

David Harrison Thompson, 43, North County Road 200W, and Lisa Diane Stephenson, 44, North County Road 200W.

Valerie Marie Osborne-Wilson, 32, Pence Avenue, and and Bryon Terrell Hart, 34, June Drive.

Ashley Nicole Asbury, 22, South Base Road, and Jesse C. Bush, 38, South Base Road.

Rachel Alison Edwards, 27, Jolinda Court, and Joseph Wade Fugate, 36, Lincoln, Nebraska.