Columbus’ Steve Bragg knows what it’s like to wrestle with adversity — literally.

During the past few years, he has performed in pummeling, body-slamming matches as a part of Columbus’ Hoosier Pro Wrestling at the Bartholomew County 4-H Fairgrounds.

But perhaps his toughest opponent through much of his 40 years of life has been weight. And since September, he’s had obesity in a choke-hold, dropping 34 pounds, putting his 6-foot-7-inch frame at 390 pounds — a weight slowly decreasing. That’s at least 100 pounds more than he weighed in 2011 but far less than the 500 pounds he once weighed.

He has been disciplining himself so much during the holidays that he kindly refused baked Christmas treats that friends had offered.

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“Good thing about the holidays where I work: People keep giving me food,” he said. “Bad thing about the holidays where I work: People keep giving me food.”

He laughed. His 2,000-calorie-per day diet allows wiggle room of only one cheat day per week, and he reserves that for pizza and Mexican food.

“I love my baked taco shell salad,” he said.

» Briefly describe your daily/weekly workout routine.

Currently focusing exclusively on weight training about three sessions per week after a second-shift job. I will add in some cardio later (as he did several years ago).

About Steve Bragg

Age: 40.

City: Columbus.

Hometown: Hope.

Occupation: Security guard with Apollo International Security.

Family: Wife Alicia.

Where you work out: Planet Fitness in Columbus.

Hours per week: Sometimes just 90 minutes weekly with workouts in brief, 20- and 30-minute segments.

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