Around Town – January 7

Orchids to …

• the cashier at the Walmart on Whitfield Drive named James who was able to make an entire line of customers laugh, which is no easy feat.

• the two gentlemen at First Christian Church who helped a disabled person on Sunday.

• the three yellow labs on 30th Street, as they make me laugh and smile.

• The Republic for putting up with all the crazy Orchids and Onions.

• my mom Ruthann Robertson for the great potato soup you made and delivered during my layup after surgery, from Diana Davidson.

• Linda Ricke for her leadership of National Alliance on Mental Illness of South Central Indiana.

• Michael Brock for being such a genuine person and always cheering me up when I’m down, and the world needs more like you, from a grateful friend.

• Eldon’s for fixing my car fast and cleaning it out.

• those who don’t judge before getting to know someone.

• Richard and Paul at Verizon who helped a non-texting old lady with her new phone.

• Aaron Edwards for his very honest and eloquent letter.

• Sasha at Bed, Bath & Beyond for her excellent customer service, from her new favorite customers.

• the woman in the Wendy’s drive-thru who bought a deputy’s lunch Tuesday.

• Columbus Alliance Church members for their awesome help.

• Karen Zody for the great picture of the overlook in take your best shot of the Ohio River as it was a beautiful photo.

• the local post office for going the extra step to help the lady Monday night.

Onions to …

• parents who let their children watch so much bad television that the kids are actually really afraid of zombies, which don’t even exist.

• The Republic for publishing a story about a beauty contestant on the front page, when, at best, it belongs on the back page. External beauty is meaningless. Our society has become a narcissistic one.

• the three people at the store who practiced their open air coughing and sharing their illness with those of us around Tuesday.

• The Republic for not publishing recent data about the Driftwood River watershed study that found harmful pollution levels.

• those who go to work at factories and do not want to follow rules outlined by said factories and then blame security.

• the person who thinks it’s OK to come in a store one minute before closing, because clerks have lives, too.

• the school bus driver with children on board who tailgated me from in front of a retail store to a school Tuesday afternoon.

• cronyism in Columbus.

• those who judge people without knowing what they are about or who they are.

• whoever thought of creating new positions in our city government when we can’t afford the ones we have.

• the mail carrier who can’t seem to get the mail in the correct mailboxes, causing confusion in our neighborhood.

• the new elected officers who have already decided they need more help to run the business and are already spending more money.

• the local paper that cannot get grammar correct as there were eight mistakes in one day, and maybe they need a proofreader.

• the person who doesn’t understand why it is rude to go to a department store at closing time because maybe you don’t have a family, but we do and would like to go home and be with them.

Happy Birthday to …

• Jennifer Knoef Parrish, from your family and Donna.

• Jeanie Cain, from your family and friends.

• Jonathan Pitney, from Pastor Lewis and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Michael Hudec, from Pastor Lewis and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Linda Purtlebaugh, from Bill and Margaret.

• Courtney Davis, from Mom, Dad, Jordyn, Gabriel, Peyton, Tyler, Grandma Effie, Grandma and Grandpa Giles, Josh, Gloria, kids and family.

• Jackson Adair, from Jeff, Mom and Josie.

• Jennie Lutes, from Jean Patrick.

• Haven on No. 13, from Mom, Ronald, Dad, Joann, Mikey, Mimi, Hallie and Kinsley.

Belated Wishes to …

• Anita Turner, from Alicia, Devin, Clayton, Jared, Jaycen, Attie, Nolan, Dad, Mom and the rest of the family.