Around Town – January 10

Orchids to …

• Certified Appliance Repair for telling us the washer’s “thunk” is normal instead of charging us to replace the transmission.

• the Owsley family.

• Tricia Gilson for her dedication to advancing the noble mission of the Columbus Indiana Architectural Archives

• the young lady in the white Chevy Colorado at McDonald’s on National Road on Friday for paying for my order. Bless you.

• Yee Kee restaurant for always having good customer service and great food.

• the Owsley family for the hard work you have shown and the newspaper for reporting it.

• Sabrina at JCPenney for being so wonderful and helpful, from a very grateful Grandma late Friday evening.

• Cheryl and Logan Owsley for continuing to pursue the truth, from Janet Schwarz.

• the super sports section Friday.

• Jim and Carolyn Roth for helping us so much this past week. We could not have made it without you, from Jo Helen and Scott.

• Sylvestor at Comcast for such patience and endurance during a complicated procedure over the phone.

• Jewell Fleetwood for a very well-written letter that is so true, from one who agrees.

• Dr. Shedd and all his nurses that have all been good to me and did things for me that no one else would ever do for an elderly lady, from Stella Brooks.

• Doug at Expression Ink, for being very kind, doing a good job, making the customer feel comfortable and taking his time.

• the letter written by Lowell Daffron about chickens and dogs.

• Ken Chandler for the article pointing out what we have become/may even become worse.

Happy Birthday to …

• Dana Vogt, from your family and friends.

• Gail Carvin, from Browns Corner Chapel Church.

• Jeff Goldman, from Browns Corner Chapel Church.

• Caleb Hoover.

• Marcie Hill.

• Jay Fletcher.

• Chad Crull.

• McKayla Maddy.

• Keegan Garrison.

• Tim Lee.

• Morgan Brockman, from Dad. Love you.