Police to offer sessions on situational awareness

Staff Reports

High school senior girls at Columbus East and Columbus North are invited to sessions about being safe in the world known as S.A.F.E. (Situational Awareness for Everyday).

The sessions will be presented by the Columbus Police Department, the Indiana State Police and the Indiana University Police Department. The event at North will be Jan. 27, and the session at East will be March 8.

The program is offered solely to high school senior girls and is offered during the school day. The sessions discuss basic self-defense through awareness as well as using common sense.

The course is based on the survival signals detailed in Gavin DeBecker’s book “The Gift of Fear.” Sessions will include topics such as staying safe during social or party events, a discussion about sexual assault and basic self-defense tips.

An Indiana University police officer will talk about what to expect from police departments that serve college campuses. Participants will practice basic self-defense techniques instructed by police.

Students should stop by the school’s guidance office for more information and to pick up the paperwork to register for the sessions.

If you go

What: S.A.F.E. classes (Situational Awareness for Everyday)

For: Young women who are high school seniors at Columbus East and Columbus North

When: North class will be Jan. 27. East class will be March 8.

How to register: Stop by your school’s guidance office for more information or to pick up paperwork to register.