Around Town – January 14

Orchids to …

• people who know how to take a joke and don’t get all upset about something silly.

• the girls at Marsh for helping my mom, from Tim Stockelman.

• Ray’s Automotive Center for exemplary service to repair my car at a very fair price.

• Todd Franke at Axsom Plumbing for his generosity in volunteering to help us with our new fixtures, from Sans Souci.

• Zulkifly Yusuf for his letter to the editor promoting peace and understanding.

• Ron Faith for cleaning my driveway after the snow and bringing my mail to my door, from a very grateful neighbor.

• those who were re-elected to the Bartholomew County 4-H Fair Board on Monday night.

• Ruby Eagleton and staff at Shorty’s for awesome meals Monday through Friday.

• Bartholomew Co. Sheriff Matt Meyers for his awesome service to the law enforcement field in Bartholomew County, from John Tinkey.

• Doug and Amy Mock for helping a disabled person.

• Larry S. Fisher for all his volunteer work in the community, from a friend.

• Michael Carson for the books, from John Tinkey.

• the nice man who helped me when I slipped on ice Tuesday afternoon, from Maggie Swim.

• Julie McClure, who wrote the article on the Owsley tragedy which was very well-written.

• the officials for trying to get yard messes cleaned up.

Onions to …

• people who air their dirty family laundry in the Onions.

• employers who make employees stand out in this cold just to wave a sign.

• the elected state official for promoting divisiveness and intolerance under the guise of religious freedom.

• the elected officials who have made the environment of county government abysmal.

• those businesses who have no competition and think they can play around with the customers.

• moms who are jealous and threatened by their son’s girlfriend.

• those who cannot accept that abortion is not their choice but the person who is carrying.

• The Republic for the lack of display showing the college football national champion.

Happy Birthday to …

• Kathy Burnett.

• Hetty Bateman, from your family and Donna.

• Penny Newby, from Brian and Lisa.

• Mary McGuire, from Marcia, BoJack and Jason.

• Julie Hoene, from Joe and Kay.

• Kayla Goecker on No. 12, from Pawpaw and Mamaw Goecker, Dad, Mom, A.J. and Emma.

• Shirley Elgar, from Dove Ministries.

• Alec Embry on No. 17, from your family and friends.

• Lisa Thayer.

• Kim Bragg-Anderson.

• John R. Sigman.

• Kristi Martin.

• Michael Sweet.

• Ethan Davis, from Pat and Mike.

Belated Wishes to …

• Connie Baldwin, from your family.