Letter: Guns don’t kill, people do

From: Bobby Woodall


There has been quite a furor over my posting on my status, greeting new friends and liking pages and a link to my website, bobbyrwoodall.com, mainly because in my signature about my website and the foregoing articles is a picture of an automatic pistol that overlays the words “Second Amendment.” If you have a problem with guns or the Second Amendment, I am sorry. To remedy this predicament simply remove me from your friends list for I wish to offend no one.

That said, I would like to get on my soapbox and state clearly that I am for the Second Amendment, and I own a weapon. I would also like to point out that guns do not kill, but people kill. If you blame it on guns, then I would like to point out some things. Sure guns kill, but so do dogs. Should you get rid of Bowser? I think not. The same goes for alcohol, knives, automobiles, etc., all deadly if used improperly. Anything can be deadly. The bottom line is that people kill people, be they drunks, reckless drivers, etc. Each has a choice. 

I respect the ones who oppose me and speak out, for you are protected by the First Amendment as well as I. God bless America and the U.S. Marine Corps. Semper Fi!