columnIST MAKING debut today in Lifestyle SECTION

Newspaper columnist Lori Borgman is being added to the Sunday Republic Lifestyle lineup beginning today.

Borgman, who lives in Indianapolis, covers a wide spectrum of topics — “from the truth about nagging to the hazards of upper arm flab,” as her bio suggests.

Borgman’s column is distributed to more than 400 newspapers and media outlets throughout the United States and Canada.

She is author of six books: “I Was a Better Mother Before I Had Kids,” “All Stressed Up and No Place to Go,” “Catching Christmas,” “Pass the Faith, Please,” “The Death of Common Sense and Those Who Knew Him” and “My Memory is Shot; All I Retain Now is Water,” her most recent book.

Borgman also speaks at author lecture series, libraries, church groups, civic groups and women’s retreats.

Look for her column inside today’s Lifestyle section and every Sunday.

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