estate Hearing set back 4th time

Special Judge Richard Poynter postponed a hearing in the Cary Owsley estate case because of weather concerns and other issues, the judge’s staff said.

A hearing on Logan A. Owsley’s request to have his stepmother, Lisa Owsley, removed as personal representative of the estate of his late father, Cary Owsley, was to be heard Wednesday in Bartholomew Circuit Court with Poynter presiding. The case has now been continued until 2 p.m. Feb. 10 in Bartholomew Circuit Court.

Wednesday’s continuance is the fourth time the court has changed or canceled a court date in the case, which began in June 2014. A check of court records shows attorneys on both sides of the case approved the first continuance in March 2015.

Mark McNeely, attorney for Lisa Owsley, filed for two continuances in October 2015, both of which were granted. In those requests, McNeely had a medical procedure scheduled and said he was not available on Wednesday afternoons until after Dec. 30. Lisa Owsley told the court her father had died and funeral arrangements were pending in late October. The fourth continuance was ordered Wednesday by Poynter.

Trent McCain, attorney for Cheryl Jackson, who is Cary Owsley’s sister, and Curtis Shirley, attorney for Logan Owsley, filed court documents objecting to the two continuances filed by McNeely, although there were no rulings by the judge on either objection in the court files.