A local manufacturer is being honored by Duke Energy for ongoing efforts to reduce electrical usage.

Impact Forge, 2805 Norcross Drive, did more than turn off a few lights and the air conditioner to be named a 2015 Power Partner, said Julie Marvin, Duke Energy account manager. The award is bestowed to companies that make long-term structural changes which permanently reduce power consumption, she said.

Fourteen companies earned the honor this year, chosen from hundreds of large-scale Duke Energy consumers in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Florida and North and South Carolina, she said. For Impact Forge, the award is all about new, better technology, Marvin said.

On the floor

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The metal shop at Impact Forge has an ancient feel, Steve Massey, human resources director, said as he opened the door leading from the company’s quiet, climate-controlled office area to the main factory floor.“It’s like taking a step back in time,” Massey said. The rhythmic sound of the industrial impact hammers shaping metal brings

About Impact Forge

About 90 percent of the components produced at Impact Forge are sold to automotive and heavy truck manufacturers such as Toyota and Cummins Engines. Products range from internal engine components including crankshafts to springs for car seats.

The 267-employee company was purchased by HHI Forging, LLC in 2006.

The company is based in Royal Oaks, Michigan, a suburb north of Detroit.