Letter: Rude behavior of candidates sets bad example

From: Rita Jo Crubaugh


While thinking of the new year, I’m concerned about the daily behavior our young, impressionable minds may be hearing and witnessing on television of our candidates for the presidency.

When an electoral candidate for president is publicly on television being rude, obnoxious, sarcastic, prejudiced and continuously criticizing his other competitors, and yet many find this behavior acceptable for any reason, I wonder what is not only happening to our perspective, but I worry about what’s happening to our country. Our country would not be the country we are today had we succumbed to our fears, but instead we listened to the wise leaders that guided us back in 1776 to freedom, with dignity, and the rest is history.

I question the character of any electoral candidate who may act without visible dignity, respect for others, continuously criticizing others, may be judgmental, prejudicial and lack common sense. Of course, candidates have behaved in this manner for many years, and many people may find it amusing, or just ignore them. Unfortunately, our children learn of this through TV, school or maybe their parents, and they come to realize more what our world will accept, allow and tolerate despite what they’ve been taught.

Our country needs leadership from a wise person who lives by values and morals and is determined to give 100 percent to our country at protecting us and making the best decisions possible as our president. That’s his job, our expectations.

Is this what our country has come to? Oh ye of little faith. Has it come to that we are so frightened, angry, confused and desperate that we have lost track of who and what we are as a country and the many men who fought so hard for our freedom? How would President George Washington and many others feel about the way some people in our country have behaved recently during this electoral campaign and many of the things said?

Remember the bracelet “What would Jesus do?” Well, I don’t believe he would agree/approve with some of what some of the candidates are saying or some of their behavior either, for it would contradict everything he stands for and who he is.

Why would we glorify the behavior of some of the candidates when we discipline our children if they behave the way some as the candidates have publicly? When a candidate’s supporter insinuates that the domestic violence her son was accused of is a result of her son being sent overseas and fighting for our country (seriously), that is really passing the buck and absurd. It is insulting to people’s intelligence. When I heard this supporter stating this on TV, my thought was I surely didn’t just hear that, but I did and so did millions of people in the rest of the world.

Let’s not lower our standards or expectations when electing a president; let’s raise them and demand no less than our country deserves.