Letter: None of the presidential frontrunners impress

From: John Vanderbur


Have you ever known anyone whose favorite subject is himself? Normally a person like that is very insecure.

Whenever I have listened to Donald Trump speak, this is what I hear: how smart he is, how well-educated he is, how rich he is, how he builds wonderful things, how wonderful a company that he has built, how wonderful the Bible is with his book coming in second place, how handsome he is, etc. That’s just a bit of the narcissistic side of him.

Another side to him is the brutal, unrelenting remarks he has made about other people. He has made highly derogatory remarks about Mexicans and Muslims. He calls people real losers, liars, SOBs and, of course, the terrible names that he has called some women.

The key to all of what he says is that there is no substance of any kind. If the word “I” wasn’t in the vocabulary, he would surely be rendered speechless. The one positive thing I have to say about Donnie is that he has put Fox News in its place.

Sen. Ted Cruz reminds me of Joe Btfsplk, one of the characters in the Li’l Abner cartoon series. Joe Btfsplk had a dark rain cloud that perpetually hovered over his head. Joe apparently was a good guy, but he had the terrible misfortune of bringing bad luck to anyone whom he had contact with.

Teddy has that rain cloud, but his cloud has within it not only rain but tornadoes swirling around, ready to wreak havoc upon those he surrounds. He has a terrible problem with truth-telling and fabrication of facts. His blind ambition and lack of social skills put him in a category of being very disliked.

Sometimes you come across people whom you have a bad feeling about; Teddy is one of them. I tried to find something positive, but it was just too elusive.

In 1992 Hillary Clinton made some condescending remarks about women homemakers. The one I have in mind is where she states caustically: “I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was to fulfill my profession, which I entered before my husband was in public life.” It wasn’t so much what she said but the manner in which she said it. From that moment until now, I just don’t like Hillary.

Beneath her exterior beats the heart of a warrior who will try to destroy anyone (figuratively speaking) if they get between her and her ambitions. In Mark Halperin’s and John Heilemann’s book, “Game Change,” Hillary’s conduct speaks for itself; it’s not nice. In her world there are everyone else’s rules and then her rules. Her email scandal of today lends credence to that. I believe Hillary was a very good secretary of state, but like Donnie and Teddy, she speaks with a forked tongue.

May Donnie, Teddy and Hillary feel the sting of the “Bern.”