Letter: State senator should make meetings more convenient

From: Andy Talarzyk

New Whiteland

Is it crazy to think that our elected officials should make more of an effort to listen to the people in their districts? Is it crazy to think that our elected officials work for us, and therefore should make reaching them convenient for the people? It is their job to represent us at the Statehouse, not themselves.

Indiana State Senate District 41 runs from Greenwood all the way down to Columbus. However, the only meetings Sen. Greg Walker participates in are on Monday mornings at 7:30 a.m. in Columbus, because this is where he lives and it is convenient for him.

So if you live in Greenwood and want to attend a Third House meeting, you need to call into work, drive about 45 minutes south to Columbus and get there to maybe get heard. Unless Sen. Walker has another meeting, which takes precedent and he leaves early. The people in his district should not have to cater to his schedule; it should be the other way around.

We need to demand that our legislators hold more meetings in their district, at more convenient times. Why can’t we have a meeting in Whiteland on a Saturday? Why not a meeting in Franklin on a Thursday evening? Would that interrupt his personal time? Too bad. Do your job. Listen to the people. Make yourself available.