Letter: Exercise your right to vote

From: Christopher Rutan


It is that time of year once again. Even though Indiana does not have a primary until May, everyone needs to think about where they were this time last year. If you have moved to a different address, you must update your registration. Updated voter registration cards are due in the Voter Registration Office no later than 29 days before the Indiana primary. If you have registered at your current address, you don’t need to do anything now but make sure to vote on or before Election Day.

In Indiana, you can vote if you are 17 but only if your 18th birthday falls on or before the general election in November. Every vote needs to be counted, and more voices need to be heard. On the Indiana ballot, there are a lot of county and state races, and most importantly, we will have the duty and honor of electing a new president of the United States.

I often hear the expression, “My vote won’t count anyway,” to which I reply, “If you don’t vote, you can’t complain.” It doesn’t matter what party your affiliation is as long as you vote. You must declare Republican or Democrat in the primary election. However, in the general election, you may vote for the person regardless of affiliation.

There will be 18 voting centers, early voting at the Bartholomew County Courthouse and absentee ballots. With all these options available, there is no excuse not to let your voice be heard. Anyone can call the Voter Registration Office for more information at 812-379-1604, and they will be glad to help answer any questions you may have.

If you need an absentee ballot, it is time now to get your name on the list and get your application processed so that you will be on the first mailing of absentee ballots in April.