Letter: Civility restored to park area

From: Christopher Rutan


A few weeks ago, I wrote a letter to the editor about the progress and improvements that the Ninth Street Park Neighborhood Watch has made through partnerships over the last five years. I am proud to say that since that letter was publicized, further strides have been made, and civility has been restored to the Ninth Street Park area.
The Ninth Street Park Neighborhood Watch would like to thank the neighbors, Columbus Police Department, Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department, Columbus City Council, Old National Bank, Fred Barnett with code enforcement, Taylorsville Crime Watch, Mayor Jim Lienhoop, City Hall and the countless others who have helped with all the outstanding issues that were slowly being dealt with at the time of my last letter. The problem property has been dealt with and is now in the cleanup phase.
As previously stated, it is our goal and duty to protect each other. When it seemed that the light at the end of the tunnel had burned out, the neighborhood rallied together and made a statement. This statement simply said that we were tired of all the mischief, drugs and violence. While we do not condone criminal activity in any neighborhood, we all have to work together or nothing will ever get accomplished.
I am proud to say that we are moving forward and great things are yet to come. It is our intention that 2016 will be our year, and civility will be maintained in a professional manner, and we will all work together to meet each other’s needs. Should anyone experience any trouble or crime in the near future, we will not be afraid to confront any and all issues. This is the true meaning of a neighborhood watch.