Court News

This is a report of cases filed recently in Bartholomew Superior Court No. 2 and Circuit Court. Names and addresses were taken directly from court records.

Superior Court 2 Small Claims filed

Susie Wallace, Edinburgh, vs. Gregoria Aguilar Vego, Edinburgh, $1,240 and eviction.John A. McDonald, Sheridan Drive, vs. Cole Spencer, Norway Court, $1,420.Billy Combest, Eighth Street, vs. Melanie Hensen, California Street, $1,000 and eviction.

Southwestern Bartholomew Water Corp., Franklin Street, vs. Susan Clason, Irwin Drive, $107.48.

Heritage Heights Mobile Home Park, vs. Kimberly Crum and Timothy Mathis Jr., Lewis Drive, $2,895 and eviction; Jeanette Waltz, Harrison Drive, $2,431.49 and eviction; Joe and Kelly Harden, Henry Lakes Boulevard, $2,642 and eviction.

Chris Thayer, Hope, vs. Zach Reed, Hope, $950 and eviction.

Eastlake Woods, Thicket Court, vs. Cathy Clark, Thornton Court, $2,057 and eviction.

Williamsburg Apartments, Williamsburg Way, vs. Durrell Linzy, $3,074.77 and eviction.

Wagers Properties, vs. Amanda Henderson, Miami Drive, $4,186.88 and eviction.

Melanie A. Lane, Dale Court, vs. Byron K. Shipley, North Vernon, $700.

Tena Inc., vs. Markus and Eldonna Lawson, Elizabethtown, $1,215.10 and eviction.

Larae Apartments, Larae Avenue, vs. Stacey Sipes, West Larae Avenue, $136 and eviction.

Dissolutions of marriage filed

James J. Lawson, 16th Street, vs. Judy C. Lawson, Celina, Ohio, married June 15, 2015, separated Dec. 2, 2015.Ivan Jonathon Schultz III, West West Pointe Drive, vs. Carrie Schultz, Sitka Circle, married May 19, 2007, separated Jan. 22, 2016.Anna M. Williamson, Vance Street, vs. Jerry A. Williamson Jr., Bartholomew County, married Dec. 23, 2009, separated Oct. 17, 2011, three children.

Douglas Little, Taylorsville, vs. Tabatha Little, Summerville, South Carolina, married July 10, 2005, separated June 6, 2009.

Circuit Court filed complaints

Johnny and Brenda White, vs. Marjorie Pezychodzen, Winterberry Place, and United Farm Family Mutual Insurance Company, complaint for damages.JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association, vs. Jerald R. and Sharon S. Weddle, Coovert Street, complaint to foreclose mortgage, $134,478.72.Wells Fargo Bank, vs. Jeremy Hoeltke, Elizabethtown, complaint to foreclose mortgage.

Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance, vs. Robert L. Mathess, Lamplight Drive, complaint for damages, $1,101.30.

Dissolutions of marriage filed

Benjamin L. Beatty, Bartholomew County, vs. Shannon N. Beatty, Bartholomew County, married Oct. 19, 2012, separated Feb. 5, 2016.Adrienne Elizabeth Thomas, Nicholas Lane, vs. Christopher Andrew Thomas, Mission Court West, married Oct. 16, 2010, separated Aug. 31, 2015, one child.Rogelio Lopez Ibarra, Bartholomew County, vs. Hermila Euyoque Diaz, Bartholomew County, married Feb. 6, 2006, separated Nov. 22, 2015, one child.

Joseph Michael Harden, Bartholomew County, vs. Kelly Altop Harden, Henry Lakes Boulevard, married Aug. 25, 2000, separated May 15, 2015, three children.

Patrick Lee Hatton, Washington Street, vs. Kelly Lynn Hatton, Pearl Street, married March 25, 1995, separated 2014, one child.