Around Town – February 29

Orchids to …

• leap year day

• east Columbus firefighters and the CRH EMS ambulance crew members for their tireless work in saving the life of cats and dogs in Thursday night’s Park Avenue fire, from Rita Fisher.

• whoever submitted the onion with phone numbers to report animal abuse/neglect to the proper authorities.

• the nice man who helped me when I fell at the License Branch Saturday morning.

• Dove, Sharp & Rudicel for being kind to the people they serve.

• Ronald Spear for his kindness, from JT.

• the CRH sixth floor nurses for doing an outstanding job with my mother, from John and Scott.

• my family for a delicious fish fry supper for my leap year birthday.

Happy Birthday to …

• Sally Barriger.

• Margaret Darnell, from Florence and Nyla.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Tom and Joy Lux, from friends at the Moravian Church.