Court News

This is a report of cases filed recently in Bartholomew Superior Court No. 2. Names and addresses were taken directly from court records.

Small Claim filed

Prem Narsinghani, Northern Goshawk Drive, vs. Pamela Blair, Camelot Lane, $875 and eviction.Rita Chase, Westline Drive, vs. Janine Walker, Westline Drive, complaint for eviction.David A. Nowak, Fourth Street, vs. Ricky Elliott, Seminary Drive, $3,000; Tony L. Worton, South Hughes Street, $240; Linda S. Manley, North Gladstone Avenue, $650.

Indiana Members Credit Union vs. Nathan Smith, East County Road 50N, $1,935.30.

Vijay and Tony Narsinghani, State Road 9 North, vs. Lauren Eads and Brian Suns, Sycamore Drive, $1,950 and eviction.

K.D. Rentals, Nashville, vs. Anthony Duncan, Washington Street, $540 and eviction.

Allied Collection Service Inc., vs. James Bode, Milan, $2,514.54; Tamara J. Coon, Lafayette Avenue, $5,480.86; Roger W. Dollarhide, Sycamore Street, $4,028.14; Hillary England, Lincoln Village Drive, $1,518.60; Tiffany Jarvis, Hope, $2,906.21; Michael Jent, Deputy, $2,779.87; Aubrey Jones, Home Avenue, $3,254.06; Holly Lehman, Sycamore Street, $2,718.96; Jeremy Brody, Alan Drive, $2,126.35; Rachel N. Busby, Indiana Avenue, $4,138.95; Katherine L. Douglas, East County Road 550N, $3,234.49; Tony Fowler, State Road 135 North, $1,837; Shila Gearhart, Elm Street, $3,548.44; Clarissa Johnson, Columbus, $2,736.25; Diane M. Jordan, North Cherry Street, $5,061.59; Michael S. Sturgill, Park View Drive, $1,416.21.

Allied Collections Service Inc., vs. Ronda Thompson, Elizabethtown, $1,691.70; Leslie Jo Zito, Orchard Creek Drive, $1,464.50; Roy J. Brown, 25th Street, $4,473.35; Nicholas A. Bullard, Forest Hills Court, $3,434.83; Karen J. Busch, Elizabethtown, $1,737.05; Sarah P. Ferguson, Lombardy Court, $3,810.14; Erica R. Henry, Race Court, $2,269.34; Shirley M. Lindsey, Shir Rob Court, $2,750.72; Monica Myers, Edinburgh, $1,476.54; Frances R. Neal, South Mapleton Street, $2,278.26; Wendy Renae Warner, North Gladstone Avenue, $3,195.10.

Thelma Johnson, Forsythia Drive, vs. Jason Elkins and Kelly Hatton, Pearl Street, $2,498 and eviction.

Williamsburg Way Apartments, Columbus, vs. Jonathon Garth, Williamsburg Court, $4,423 and eviction; Heather Gray, Williamsburg Court, complaint for eviction.

M3 Farms LLC vs. Robert DeWitt Jr., West Country Road 100N, $800 and eviction.

Sprague Rentals LLC, Second Street, vs. Christa Timbers, Larra Shance Ozburn and William Gambrel, Seventh Street, $1,088.67 and eviction.

Robert Risk, Riverside Drive, vs. Jesse and Ashley Cameron, Franklin Street, $1,650 and eviction.

TLC Auto Sales, State Street, vs. Shandra L. and Joshua G. Davis, North Ewing Street, $4,296.00.

Pamela Mobley, Hope, vs. Tony and Tiffany Hammer, Hartsville, $1,520 and eviction.

Aaron’s Sales and Leasing, North National Road, vs. Kevin Smith, State Road 58 South, $1,500; Bobby Davis, Edinburgh, $1,500; Linda Fuquay, California Street, $1,500; Peggy Holley, Hutchins Avenue, $1,500; Devon Kinsey, Grammer, $1,500.

Columbus Village and Townhomes, vs. Joshua Herd, Seymour, $1,156; Storm Renin and Jessica Edwards, Creekstone Drive, $1,153.35; Donald Gribbins and Susan Roberts, Pennsylvania Street, $1,033.43; Jesse Forrest and Sheena Santos, South Mapleton Street, $1,827.

Act III Investments, Scottsburg, vs. William C. Lonaker, Vine Drive, $290.03 and eviction.

Canterbury House Apartments vs. Eboni Broomfield, Lombardy Court, $870.88 and eviction; Paula Newland, Nicholas Lane, $751.71 and eviction; Kristin Greenlee, Nicholas Lane, $727 and eviction.

Special By Design, Hope, vs. Dennis Coulston, Flat Rock, $214.