Marriage License Applications

Chesley B. Godbey Jr., 74, Indianapolis, and Narda M. Trimble, 66, Azelea Drive.

Jeffery Harold Polk, 49, Hope, and Cathy Ladonna Dickey, 34, Seventh Street.

Dante D. Burnett, 28, Northeastern Avenue, and Laura B. Coffman, 27, Pinewood Drive.

Valeria Martinez, 21, South Country Brook Court, and Jacob Voelker, 20, South Country Brook Court.

Trenton Wayne Miller, 24, North Vernon, and Sarah Elizabeth Gwin, 32, California Street.

Anakarina Hurtado, 23, Serenity Drive, and Angel Fernandez, 29, Serenity Drive.

Bobbie Jean Briggs, 32, Lafayette Avenue, and Alermo Samuel Perez Garcia, 28, Lafayette Avenue.

Jaquavia L. Scales, 23, Seymour, and Seekhem Javon Matthews, 24, North Marr Road.

Kimberly A. Deen, 43, North Ross Street, and Marshall Edwin Jost, 60, North Ross Street.

Brenda Louise Davis, 53, Seymour, and Mark Allen Decker, 54, Seymour.

Michael Lynn Reedy, 46, Hope, and Amanda Sue Garrett, 47, Hope.

Victor Manuel Lopez Jimenez, 29, Garden Street, and Dennis Lizeth Ortiz Villegas, 24, Garden Street.

Zachary Allen Davis, 23, Cessna Drive, and Taylor Ren Brooke Maiden, 20, Elizabethtown.

Hector Manuel Alamo-Tapia, 34, Pearl Street, and Leilah Maureen Gilani-Smith, 35, Pearl Street.

Craig Isom Zody, 52, Daugherty Street, and Kelly Crelene Zody, 40, Daugherty Street.

Briel Love Accacia Williams, 19, Meadow Bend Drive, and Jared Shain Tyler Thomas Bruther, 23, Pearl Street.

Steven Tyler Richards, 32, South County Road 100W, and Jacquline E. Stephens, 32, 17th Street.

Alan Dale Roberts, 26, Willow Way, and Nakisha Nicole Brantley, 24, Willow Way.

Melody Kayt Arney, 22, West County Road 930S, and Roy Le Asher, 31, West County Road 930S.

Jeffrey Adam Barr, 43, Taylorsville, and Tamara Maurine Tidd, 43, Taylorsville.

Chris Gwen Green, 23, North Station Drive, and Austin James Mozingo, 26, Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Devin Nathaniel Napier, 25, Kentucky Avenue, and Amanda Rachel Horton, 18, Kentucky Avenue.

Brenton Wayne Pennington Sr., 44, Clifford, and Lorraine Mae Stroup, 39, Hope.

Cynthia Lee Trowbridge, 44, Farmstead Drive, and Billie Joe Johnson, 54, North Vernon.

George Pacek III, 48, Elizabethtown, and Vonda Pacek, 51, Elizabethtown.

Cheri Diane Chasteen, 56, West County Road 450S, and Leigh Ann Hudson, 47, West County Road 450S.

Loren Michael Jones, 47, Union Street, and Nicole Dawn Cordray, 34, Union Street.

Tyler Thomas Myers, 31, North Vernon, and Michelle Roseanne Myers, 36, Washington Street.

Tamas Rauznitz, 39, Cameron Drive, and Julie Anne Colin, 36, Cameron Drive.

Nancy Christa Val, 35, Autumn Ridge Drive, and Leon Andre Dufrene Moise, 27, Autumn Ridge Drive.

Joshua Carl Emerson Niccum, 27, Rosewood Lane, and Kristina Marie Barnett, 23, Rosewood Lane.

Brittany Nicole Fletcher, 25, Hope, and Richard Lee Lobdell III, 24, Hope.

Matthew Adam Carter, 26, West County Road 750S, and Katelyn Anna Keith, 20, West County Road 750S.

Aakshita Bansal, 25, Limestone Way, and Kartikeya Tyagi, 24, Limestone Way.

Corey Lee Burchfield, 26, Lakecrest Drive, and April Lanelle Spires, 31, Lakecrest Drive.

Kelly Gene Cathey, 37, Westport, and Mauricio Palomino, 22, 15th Street.

Timothy Clay Braden Jr., 23, Navajo Court, and Lindsay Anne Shoaf, 30, Navajo Court.