Cummins employee/pastor comforts Seymour workers

A scheduled weekly meeting turned into a ministry opportunity amid Thursday morning’s scene at a fatal shooting inside the Cummins Seymour Engine Plant.

David C. Bosley, a Cummins program manager who works in Columbus as part of the company’s Power Generation staff, was at the Seymour plant for his weekly 8 a.m. conference room meeting about the firm’s Hedgehog diesel engine, produced at the Seymour Engine Plant. Bosley’s role requires him to manage elements such as the financing and schedules linked to projects’ completion.

Once outside the building for what most people initially thought was a fire drill, Bosley told police on the scene that he was a local pastor and chaplain with the Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department, a role he has had since May.

Bosley said he knew the situation was serious when he saw police carrying rifles go into the building.

“But most of the employees were very calm,” said Bosley, an 18-year Cummins worker. “But just from the conversations I overheard, some of the people nearby knew the people who were shot.”

He saw some people comforting those workers. Then, at about 10 a.m., Bosley then prayed briefly with a group of employees and a few police officers.

“You always want to be helpful (in the ministry),” the Rev. Bosley said. “But especially in that instance, I realized there was a specific reason I was there.”

Bosley serves as pastor of Dayspring Church of the Apostolic on Doctors Park Drive in Columbus.

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