Dig into the past with digital

The Republic, in partnership with newspapers.com, has digitized more than 700,000 local newspaper pages dating back to 1872 that are fully searchable and available for purchase at therepublic.com/archives.

Local newspapers included in the archive are The Evening Republican, Columbus Herald, The Columbus Republican and The Republic. There are three cost options.

Option 1: $4.95 a month (or $39.95 a year) gives you access to all four Columbus newspapers and other AIM Media Indiana newspapers in Seymour, Franklin, Brown County and Greenfield as they are added to the archives.

Option 2: $19.90 a month (or $139.90 per year) gives you access to nearly 3,900 newspapers (more than 48 million pages) including The Republic and all AIM Media Indiana papers when they go online.

Option 3: Free at Bartholomew County Public Library, 536 5th St. Columbus. Library members can get access to The Republic and other AIM Media Indiana papers when they are put online. The Republic and other Columbus newspapers are available now.

Go to therepublic.com/archives to start a seven-day free trial.