Letter: Keep radical outsiders at home

From: Doug Logan


Let me offer a radical suggestion to voters dissatisfied with things in Washington. If you do not like the lack of progress on any issue, the total failure to get anything done, then by all means stop sending your radical outsiders to Congress. Let me explain.

Think about the way Congress worked, back in the days when it did. Senator Doe might introduce a bill promoting apple pie. At the same time, Representative Loe introduces a bill in support of motherhood. After both bills pass in one house, they go to a conference committee that works out something both sides can accept, say, in support of motherhood and apple pie, that the president signs into law with a statement of profound respect for his (or her) own mother and her baking.

Here’s our national problem. Your radical outsiders will not compromise. Not with the other party. Not even with their own party, if those traitors are the despised ex-INOs. That means “in name only,” by the way. The Senate candidate that the Mad-Hatter-and-March-Hare set forced on Indiana in 2014 even bragged that his idea of “compromise” was making the other side do things his way.

Instead of my scenario above, Representative Loe fights tooth and nail to keep his motherhood bill pure of the detested apple pie provision. The result is that the legislative process is at a standstill. Nothing gets done. Not the things we want to see, like health care or tax code reforms. And not the things we have a right to expect, like a federal budget.

Let’s elect people who will use the process to get things done. Please, keep the committed outsiders at home. Most importantly, leave the private school and Ivy League-educated millionaire masquerading as an outsider in his self-named tower.