Around Town – March 23

Orchids to …

• the Becker family for the great memories as a child, parent and grandparent.

• South Central delivery guys for providing excellent customer service and helping me in a time crunch, from Katie.

• Ron Shadley for the colorful signs and banners, from a county resident.

• The Republic for the great Final Four basketball brackets that are in with the scores included.

• Arby’s on 25th Street for the filled Easter basket for Paul.

• Janice Hand for your kind deed, from Sharon.

• Becker’s A&W for all the great root beer in a glass mug and what were the best onion rings in town, as we are all going to miss you.

• Toni at Kroger for helping me not make a major mistake, from the Western Union lady.

• Access-Ability for helping my mom with a wheelchair.

• McDonald’s on Third Street for their awesome, courteous service, from John Tinkey.

• Dr. David Davidson at Hope Vet Clinic for taking such good care of Cleopatra with her pneumonia, from Suzie Prather.

• Tommy Walker for the amazing photos of the Bartholomew County Courthouse and for your kindness, from Jay Phelps.

• East Columbus Christian Church for an awesome meal and hosting the South Central Indiana Men’s Fellowship.

• Alvin and the guys from New Hope Christian Church for the ride on Tuesday, from a disabled person.

• Becker’s for being such a great, friendly place to go and for all of the great food and even better memories.

• my wonderful friends, Steve and Lora Ayers, for being the best neighbors that anyone could have, from Bonnie Morgan.

Onions to …

• families who gossip and backbite all the time, keeping trouble within the family.

• the funeral home that will not hold a funeral on a Sunday.

• The Republic for not delivering my Saturday paper even though I have called about it several times.

• those using drugs and their selfishness.

• the Columbus business that does not make its supervisors practice its core values about job harassment and discrimination toward employees who work for them.

Happy Birthday to …

• Helen Goen on No. 80, from Mary, Susan and families.

• James C. Imlay Jr., from Max, Mom, Angie and family.

• Landyn Everett on No. 6, from Ma-maw and Papaw.

• Caroline Frost, from Mrs. Erickson.

• Jeannie Selig, from Granny.

• Morris Norman.

• Weston Miller on No. 15, from Mom, Dad, Zachary, Lynsday, Mamaw Kirby, Uncle Shane, Aunt Tiara, Imogene, PaPaw and the Kirbys.

• J.R. Swegman, from those who love you.

• Jason Shake, from all of us.

Belated Wishes to …

• Linda Myrick, from one who cares.

• Dorothy Setser Shireman on No. 90, from John Tinkey.

• Samira Zeller, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Devin Pollert.

• Brenda Busick.

• Tim Harris.

• David Sturgeon.

• Benjamin Rockhill.

• Nancy Ann Brown, from your Democrat friends.