Around Town – April 6

Orchids to …

• Diane Ward for being such a great neighbor by placing garbage cans by garages after garbage pick up, from neighbors of Treeline Drive.

• Demetrius Pinkney at TechKnowledge for the great work, great customer service and quick turnaround in fixing our daughter’s iPhone on Monday, from the Wenzlers.

• Robert and Jane Niles for the help, from a disabled person.

• Keepsake Village for the beautiful remodeling done inside.

• Dr. Golding, Synthia and Troy for always being so kind, helpful and patient as we are blessed to have such a wonderful dentist, from the Mackeys.

• to German Township Volunteer Fire Department for the best fish yet because it was not greasy, overcooked or under-served price-, quality- and quantity-wise.

• my friend, Valerie, for helping me with church dinners for our home bound, from Linda Cutrell.

• Ahlemeyer Farms Bakery in Columbus for their kindness and donations to the Mark Burton benefit.

• the kind, thoughtful man who paid for my groceries at Aldi on Sunday.

• the Columbus Free Methodist Bowling team for an awesome game Monday night.

• Keith Huff at the city garage for getting the things removed on Hawcreek Avenue so quickly, from Mildred Harden.

• Officer Capp for his help at the veterinarian clinic on Tuesday morning and for helping me find some things which were missing.

• all of the staff at the Silver Oaks campus for the good care they gave me when I was a resident there recently, and I appreciate the friendship and the care I was given in rehab.

Onions to …

• those who want to change 25th Street as this will cause huge traffic backups and bicycles can use the off streets.

• fast-food places that take no pride in their products and serve you old, cold, greasy, gross food and to the management that allows it.

• those for the ridiculous recommendation by a study from an out-of-state institute wanting to convert four-lane 25th Street into a two-lane road with a bicycle lane and on-street parking.

• drivers who run the stop sign at North County Road 150E and 600N as I have witnessed two in as many days.

• people who steal from their friends.

• the lady at the grocery store who felt it was OK to shop in her pajamas, which had numerous rips and holes.

• county officials for allowing County Road 250E from State Street to Southern Crossing to be used as a shortcut by large commercial trucks, endangering lives of local residents as the road is not wide enough.

• those who don’t realize no amount of change or money can protect us from bad decisions and inattentiveness.

• the nearby military installation for night training.

• my children, to whom I have given my life savings and who now will not come around when I need help.

• the person who came into a stranger’s home with a trusted friend and stole something that was worth $175.

Happy Birthday to …

• Tina Bailon, from Pastor Lewis and the Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Wyatt Imlay, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Bruce Kissling.

• Alex Gross.

• David Fletcher, from your family and Donna.

• my brother, Ed Willis, from Jim Willis.

• Wyatt Imlay, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Dawson White, from Grandma White, Pa Mark, Dad, Moppy, Nakia, Isabel, Emmett, Jess, Joey and Lizziah.

Belated Wishes to …

• Mark Schoettmer, from Kim, Jean, Mom, Gabe, Jessie, Jake and Beth.

• Alex Vanest, from Elsie.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Mike and Jame Plummer, from your family and Donna.