Court news – April 9

This is a report of cases filed recently in Bartholomew Superior Court No. 2 and Circuit Court. Names and addresses were taken directly from court records.

Small Claims


Brandon Zumhingst, Norman, vs. Anthony Travis, Lafayette Avenue, $3,500.

Shadow Creek Homeowners Association vs. Charlotte Louise Lunsford, Lake Stream Drive, $2,5156.31.

Tena Inc. vs. Jose Galindo, Elizabethtown, $1,135.29 and eviction; and Gabriela Rojas, Garden Street, $1,375.35 and eviction.

Mike and Jan Rynerson, Washington Street, vs. Richard and Sara Buse, South County Road 550W, $6,000 and eviction; and Amanda Wright (Beller), 11th Street, $3,499.50 and eviction.

Travis Mouser, Hope Avenue, vs. Josh Gilley, Pine Street, $1,800 and eviction; and Dustin Hardy, California Street, $360 and eviction.

Allied Collection Service vs. Jamie M. Bush, North Ross Street, $2,250.59; Rhonda Gibson, Taylorsville, $1,840.74; Jessica J. Lambert, Nineveh, $2,697.20; James D. Lucas, North County Road 500W, $4,830.46; Sheila K. Miller, Joann Drive, $3,352.50; Samuel Hofelich, Scipio, and Kimberly Hofelich, Hope, $1,565.24; and Emily Ketner, Hope, $1,512.90.

Monarch Crossing vs. David Ballenger, Edinburgh, $2,635 and eviction.

Personal Finance Co. vs. Timothy E. Despain, Elizabethtown, $1,377.18; Nicholle and William H. Carnahan, Eighth Street, $2,640.35; Jose Perez, Indianapolis, and Kueishla Romos, Nicholas Lane, $1,097; and Michael A. English, Clifford, and Ashley N. English, North Dellasburg Road, $2,888.81.

Lohmeyer Plumbing, Progress Drive, vs. Gene and Tess Redding, Edinburgh, $525.11.

Charles J. Ducastel, West Robin Way, vs. Ferguson Trucking/Mike Ferguson, Edinburgh, $6,000.

Elizabeth A. Blair, Columbus, vs. William and Holly Whyde, Osage Court, $3,000 and eviction.

Columbus Housing Authority vs. Harry Beck, Sycamore Street, complaint for damages and eviction.

Dissolutions of Marriage


Nicholle Carnahan, Bartholomew County, vs. William H. Carnahan Jr., Bartholomew County, married Sept. 1, 2012, separated Dec. 4, 2015.

Marvin Martin, Bartholomew County, vs. Toy Lynn Martin, Smith Street, married Dec. 25, 1998, separated March 6, 2016, one child.

Chelsey Elizabeth Sanders, Edinburgh, vs. Calvin Scott Sanders, Elizabethtown, married June 7, 2014, separated March 12, 2016.

Deborah K. Graham, Forsythia Drive, vs. Donald L. Graham, Hope, married June 21, 2014, separated March 5, 2016.

Susan Elizabeth Thomas, Franklin Street, vs. Douglas Lee Thomas, Kokomo, married Dec. 12, 1995, separated April 1, 2013.

Nancy Jean Rutan, Coovert Street, vs. Paul E. Rutan, Coovert Street, married March 7, 2015, separated March 28, 2016.

Carrie Saunders, Pearl Street, vs. James H. Saunders, Streamside Drive, married Oct. 20, 2001, separated March 28, 2016, three children.

Naomi Elisabeth Pruitt, Bartholomew County, vs. Donnie Dean Pruitt, Bartholomew County, married May 31, 2008, separated April 8, 2016, one child.

Circuit Court



Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance vs. Stephanie Breeden, Della Road, $1,104.31.

BMO Harris vs. David Wilson, Peregrine Drive, $29,585.25.

JPMorgan Chase Bank vs. Zachary R. Brown, Buckingham Drive, complaint to foreclose mortgage.

Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance vs. Robert Hazelwood, Franklin Court, $594.23.

Dissolutions of Marriage


Kimberly M. Herbert, Brown County, vs. Daniel B. Herbert, Merrysville, Washington, married Sept. 2, 1997, separated Dec. 16, 2011, two children.

Connor Spachtholz, Branchville, vs. Ashley Spachtholz, 18th Street, married Aug. 29, 2014, separated Feb. 14, 2016.

Ashley Renee Jensen, Taylorsville, vs. Ryan C. Jensen, Taylorsville, married May 30, 2009, separated March 19, 2016, two children.

Aaron L. Cox, Bartholomew County, vs. Stacia M. Cox, Seymour, married Sept. 31, 2010, separated Feb. 10, 2016.

Ashley Nicole Smith, Central Avenue, vs. Benji Lee Smith, 14th Street, married Jan. 3, 2003, separated Oct. 31, 2015, two children.

Donna M. Voelker, Premier Drive, vs. Jonathan A. Voelker, Premier Drive, married May 3, 1997, no separation date available, one child.

Millie M. Hardwick, East St. Joe Court, vs. Joshua K. Hardwick, East St. Joe Court, married Feb. 28, 2004, separated March 16, 2016, three children.

Dustin Eugene Sims, Indianapolis, vs. Amber Danielle Shane, Adkins Street, married April 23, 2015, separated June 29, 2015.