University News – April 11

IUPUC students, mentors participate in annual meeting

IUPUC professors and students participated in the annual meeting of the Indiana Academy of Science, showcasing 267 papers and posters relating to the study of scientific disciplines.

Several IUPUC student and faculty projects completed during the 2015-16 academic year were displayed.

Those participating included:

  • John W. Luckmann, Greenwood, and faculty mentor James D. Mendez, assistant professor of chemistry, “Composite Films of Chitosan and Polyvinyl Alcohol.”
  • Jessica Caldwell, Columbus, and Mendez, “The Impacts of Degree of Acetylation on Mechanical Strength and Thermal Properties of Chitin Films.”
  • Karen Smiar, Columbus, and Mendez, “Utilizing 3-D Printing to Create Models for Chemistry Education.”
  • David Cool, North Vernon, and faculty mentor Luke M. Jacobus, assistant professor of biology, “Biogeographic Affinities of Belize Mayflies” and “Mayflies of the Great Plains, V-Minnesota.”
  • Tanea Herbert, Greensburg; Sabrina Schipper, Columbus; Jenna Wells, Trafalgar; Autumn Fox, Seymour; and Jacobus, “Conservation status of Siphloplecton species in North America.”