Jenny’s Picks — April 14

I live with aging cats. They are all chugging along just fine, but sometimes I worry, as sometimes my cats make poor decisions such as jumping up on something that’s too high, or jumping down from something that’s also too high or trying to consume toxic substances out of their own curiosity. I could go on, but why? You know how cats are. Thank goodness for veterinarian Dr. Joy Dvarak and her presentation on emergency home care for pets, 7 p.m. April 19 at the Bartholomew County Public Library, 536 Fifth St. The event is sponsored by Kennel Club of Columbus. Information: 812-379-1266 and

There’s a growing movement in Bartholomew County that focuses on some of the area’s littlest residents, monarch butterflies. I was lucky enough to meet some folks who are working to preserve these beautiful creatures’ local habitat as well as their migration to Mexico. Learn more about these fantastic insects 6 p.m. April 20 in the Bartholomew County Public Library Conference Room, 536 Fifth St. Ray Weatherholt, who maintains several acres of butterfly habitat in southern Indiana, will cover how to plan and care for a butterfly garden and provide information about Monarchs. Information: 812-379-1266 and

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Jenny Elig is a reporter for The Republic. She can be reached at or 812-379-5671.