Letter: Police officer endorses judicial candidate

From: Mike Ward


For the past several months, the public has had the opportunity to observe and evaluate the perspectives and agendas of various candidates in the upcoming elections. I want to go on record as endorsing Kelly Benjamin for judge of Bartholomew Circuit Court.

As a police officer serving this community for 30 years, and having worked closely with members of our criminal justice system, I have had the privilege of working with some outstanding and talented people. Without a doubt, Kelly Benjamin is one of these outstanding and talented individuals.

During Kelly’s service as a former deputy prosecutor, I worked closely with her on a variety of criminal cases. I observed Kelly’s passion for the law and, more importantly, her passion for always doing the right thing — even when it made her or others uncomfortable.

When I think about the qualities that make a good judge, the following traits come to mind: integrity, honesty, leadership, decisiveness, fairness and justice. On many occasions I had my work reviewed and evaluated by Kelly. More than once she challenged me and pushed me to do more and be more. Kelly has positively influenced me and this influence has made me a better police officer and person. I have become more involved in community events and educational and prevention programs. I appreciate her honesty, integrity and leadership.

Four years ago, Kelly was appointed by all Bartholomew County elected judges to be the child support commissioner. In this capacity, she works effectively and efficiently sitting on the bench hearing and deciding child support and paternity cases. In my opinion, Kelly is the only candidate running for judge that will be ready to serve Day 1. She brings excellent credentials to the judgeship position. She has been recognized and honored for her many contributions to our community. Kelly is honest and pragmatic. Her hopeful insight into our community’s problems and needs are at the forefront of her mind. These attributes will serve her well as judge of circuit court. Kelly’s willingness to examine issues and listen closely to community concerns sets her apart from others. She has the work ethic, knowledge, and ability to sustain the integrity, vision, and efficiency of circuit court. She will deliver tough, fair and sensible decisions.

Kelly was quoted in a leadership speech as saying, “How we treat people each day can make a significant difference in their life … whether you may know it or not. What you say, how you reach out, how you act, or how you don’t … matters.”

For over 20 years Kelly has collaborated with criminal justice agencies, communities, and citizens to achieve positive changes and improvements in our court system, the community and people’s lives.

Please join me in voting for Kelly Benjamin for Bartholomew Circuit Court judge on May 3.