Competing county commissioners slug it out financially, each raising $10,000 or more

The three candidates running for the Republican nomination for District 1 Bartholomew County Commissioner combined have raised nearly $34,000 and have spent about $20,000 so far to further their chances in the May 3 primary. 

Incumbent Larry Kleinhenz reports receiving $12,728 from the beginning of the year through April 8. That’s a few thousand dollars more than the amounts raised individually by his two primary challengers, Jorge Morales and Susan Thayer Fye.

Morales, a current county council member, raised $10,740, while Thayer Fye has raised $10,414 since the first of the year.

The filing deadline for reporting fundraising amounts and campaign expenses was Friday.

Besides having raised the most money among the three candidates, Kleinhenz has also spent the most — $10,692, leaving him a balance of $2,037.

Thayer Fye has spent $7,354, leaving a balance of $3,060.

Morales has spent $2,193, leaving $8,547 in his campaign coffers — the largest cash on hand among the candidates.

Amounts raised by the two candidates running for District 3 county commissioner, who do not face a primary challenge, isn’t as high. 

District 3 incumbent Republican Rick Flohr reported $2,000 in contributions; he had spent $1,317, leaving a balance of $683.

His Democratic challenger in the general election, Brad Woodcock, had received $1,662; he spent $1,269, leaving a balance of $393.

In the coroner’s race, meanwhile, there is a substantial difference in contributions among the three candidates vying to succeed Bartholomew County Coroner Larry Fisher, who is not seeking reelection.   

Republican Clayton R. Nolting raised $7,219 for his campaign during the 15-week reporting period. That’s more than four times the $1,644 raised by fellow Republican Ronald W. Shadley. 

At the end of the first week of April, Nolting spent $5,158, leaving a balance of $1,977. Shadley spent $1,843, with $190 in cash on hand and $4,800 in debts owed. 

Whichever one wins the Republican primary will be challenged by Democrat Paula Rothrock in November’s general election. 

For the reporting period, Rothrock raised $2,963. As of April 8, Rothrock spent $2,742, leaving a balance of $221.  

Contributions and expenditures

The following are campaign finance report summaries for county candidates in two races with opponents in the May 3 primary.


Republican Larry Kleinhenz


$500 to $599: Teresa Vincent, Columbus; Ken Minet, Franklin; Randy Riddle, Columbus; John Bartnett, Columbus; William Hawkins, Columbus; James Henderson, Columbus; Eric Brunn, Columbus

$300 to $399: Joseph Mickel, Columbus

$200 to $299: Richard T. Newton, Columbus; Terry and Vicki Coffman, Columbus; J. Grant Tucker, Columbus; Hugh Mickel, Columbus; Larry Kleinhenz, Columbus; Ken Dunn, Columbus 

$100 to $199: Dave Richter, Carmel; Darin Duncan, Elizabethtown; Jeff Stamper, Henryville; James Kleinhenz, Columbus; Evan Kleinhenz, Columbus; Annette Kleinhenz, Columbus; Kirk Kleinhenz, Taylorsville; Stuart Kaplan, Columbus; Marie Kleinhenz, Columbus; Shane Burton, Columbus; Mike Hatfield, Columbus; Cathy Dunn, Columbus; Richard Wigh, Columbus; Mark and Renee Gorbett, Columbus; Mike Tinsley, Columbus; David and Megan Payne, Columbus

53 contributions of less than $100 each.  

Expenditures: $867: Pentzer Printing; $588: United States Postal Service; $3,190: The Republic; $128: Target Corp.; $3,683: Tony London Co.; $950: Illustrations and Design; $730: Bartholomew County Republican Party; $537: Home News Enterprises.

Republican Jorge Morales


$500 to $599: Melinda Morales, Columbus

$400 to $499: Guillermo Morales, Miami, FL

$200 to $299: Raymond and Susan Mack, Columbus

$100 to $199: Chuck Lovelace, Columbus; Herschel O’Shaughnessy, Columbus; Andrew Graham, Columbus; Kenny Whipker, Columbus; Ryan and Jean Hou, Columbus; Ruth Johnson, Columbus; Mr. and Mrs. Fox, Columbus; Tasha Mann, Columbus.

Eight contributions of less than $100 each. 

Expenditures:  $1,755: Prestige Printing; $558: U.S. Postal Service; $1,080: Harcourt Industries (yard signs); $25: Facebook; $30: Go Daddy.

Republican Susan Thayer Fye


$2,000: Susan Thayer Fye

$1,000: B&G Glick, Inc., Columbus

$400 to $499: Norm Curry, Columbus

$200 to $299: Belinda Graber, Columbus; Jay and Nancy Shoaf, Hope; Pia O’Connor, Columbus; Scott and Rhonda Davidson, Columbus; Stephen and Sandra Rees, Columbus; Sarah Cannon, Columbus

$100 to $199: Jim and Barb Puckett, Columbus; Harry Sanders, Columbus; Richard T. Newton, Columbus;  Grayson Management, Columbus; Jayne and Charles Farber, Columbus; Ryan Hou, Columbus; Rich and Sue Lamborn, Columbus. 

Various individuals contributing less than $100 each through fundraisers: $4,204.

In-kind: $200: Dick Gaynor Photography; $330: Paragon Meetings and Events; Various gifts: $180.

Expenditures:  $3,893: Tony London Co.; $1,000: The Republic; $882: U.S. Postal Service; $225: Bartholomew County 4-H Fairgrounds; $250: Tammy Apple Designs; $77: Office Depot; $317: Prestige Print; $200: Dick Gaynor Photography; $330: Paragon Meetings and Events; $180: Food and supplies.    


Republican Rick Flohr

Contributions:  $2,000: Richard A. Flohr

Expenditures:  $443: Donahue of Logan, Ohio; $277: Sexton and Associates Advertising; $521: Harcourt Industries, Inc, $26: B&I Credit Union. $50: Republican Ladies League.

Democrat Brad Woodcock

Contributions:  $500 to $599: Brad and Ellen Woodcock, Elizabethtown

$100 to $199: Bill and Sharon Krieg, Columbus; Kathy Thompson, Columbus; Paul and Paula Rothrock, Columbus; Kevin and Louann Kimsey, Columbus; William and Mary Johnston, Columbus; Dennis Baute, Columbus.

Three individuals each contributing $100 or less: $125

Various contributions raised through fundraiser activities: $387

Expenditures: $1,269: of Houston, Texas


Republican Clayton Nolting

Contributions:  $2,500: Bruce and Diana Nolting, Hope; $300: Terry Coriden, Columbus 

Expenditures:  $943: 4imprint; $1,490: Aaron’s Signs; $199: Eagle Group Ltd.; $637: VistaPrint; $680: Harcourt Industries; $928: The Republic; $280: White River Broadcasting

Republican Ronald W. Shadley, Sr.

$400 to $499: Hartsville Volunteer Fire Department (in-kind); Myers Funeral Service, $400 (in-kind)

$300 to $399: Frank Miller of Villas of Stonecrest (in-kind)

$100 to $199: Norman Hinkle, Fishers, IN

Four individuals each contributing $100 or less: Total $174.

Four in-kind gifts each valued at less than $100.  Total: $220

Debts owed: $2,300 to Ronald W. Shadley, Sr.

Expenditures: $1,605: Tony London Co.; $38: Sam’s Club; $200: Rebecca Cox

Democrat Paula Rothrock 

Contributions:  $2,742 from Paula K. Rothrock, Columbus

Expenditures:  $1,414: Imprint; $22: Hoosier Sporting Goods; $40: DSI;  $24: C.A.R.E.; $99: Logo Mix;  $290: Build-a-Sign; $29: Lowes Home Improvement Center; $12: Wal-Mart; $121: Kroots;  $49: Columbus Pawn Shop; $518: Custon INK; $94: Netbrands Media; $30: Democratic Central Committee. 

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Mark Webber is a reporter for The Republic. He can be reached at or 812-379-5636.