Letter: Pitman natural leader, deserves votes

From: Mack Seed


Bob Pitman was one of the first to welcome us when my wife and I moved to Columbus a little over two years ago. He knew our names well before we knew his, and he set about to make us feel welcome in our new community.

Bob is a natural leader who wants to see everyone, particularly the most vulnerable, secure in his or her surroundings. While our association with him has been primarily through Mill Race Center and the Pitman Institute for Aging Well, Bob has considerable experience working to improve lives at all levels — local, state, national and international. As a young man he worked as a Peace Corps volunteer in West Africa, then came home, where he worked tirelessly to help launch Mill Race Center and Just Friends Adult Day Services.

Bob recognizes the need for major investments to fix Indiana’s crumbling infrastructure. One of his priorities is the adequate funding for public education which he says is essential if young people and others are to achieve the “American Dream.” In that vein he thinks the redefinition of the role of superintendent of education was unfair and politically motivated, and he will work to help set that right.

Bob feels the overall Indiana tax structure is regressive and does not adequately consider persons living on limited or fixed income. He would like to see the prevailing wage determination structure restored and a higher minimum wage.

Our District 59 state representative should be a strong community leader who has shown the ability to bring people of varied interests, political leanings and perspectives together to get things done — someone who will work for us. I believe that person is Bob Pitman.