Court news – April 27

This is a report of cases filed recently in Bartholomew Superior Court No. 2. Names and addresses were taken directly from court records.

Small Claims

FiledIMC Credit Services vs. Deborah S. Whedon, South Beatty Street, $5,315.91; Stella B. Smith, Holton, $1,487.41; Christopher W. Sessions, North Vernon, $1,034.10; Lauretta K. Scott, North Nelson Ridge Road, $1,891.33; and Michelle D. Spray, South County Road 600E, $2,433.16.Craig R. Owens, North Ross Street, vs. George D. Owens, North Ross Street, complaint for eviction.

Quail Run Apartments vs. Joel Lopez, Kellie Drive, complaint for eviction.

Aaron’s Sales and Leasing vs. Paul Allen, Vinewood Drive, $1,500; Robert Bulthuis, Eighth Street, $1,500; Lisa Starks, Lafayette, $1,500; and Nathan Hibner, State Road 135S, $1,500.

Elkland Hills Estate vs. Marcus Roberts and Stephanie Mullins, East County Road 265N, $1,300 and eviction; Brad and Beth Eubanks, East County Road 265N, $1,575 and eviction; and Ian Johnson and Victoria Copeland, East County Road 265N, $750 and eviction.

Thomas R. Crouch, Indiana Avenue, vs. Tabitha Lawless, Indiana Avenue, $350 and eviction.

Sonya’s Dance Zone, North National Road, vs. Joel Barrix, Nicholas Lane, $600.74; Carrie Pitts, West County Road 50S, $1,500; and Amber Halstead, Dawson Street, $1,500.

Diane R. Rick, Flat Rock, vs. Amy D. Bethel, Hope, $1,609.62 and eviction.

Mark Mouser, West Old Nashville Road, vs. Buddy Barette, Reed Street, $1,200 and eviction.

Heritage Heights Mobile Home Park vs. Matthew Sowers and Carolina Hogston, Jolene Drive, $1,1670 and eviction; Michael Hickel, Alan Drive, $1,083.27 and eviction; Wayne Cuatzo, Continental Drive, $778 and eviction; Mary Miller, Andrew Drive, $1,173 and eviction; and Chad Hatfield, Henry Lakes Boulevard, $835 and eviction.

IMC Credit Services vs. Lacey Whitaker, Elizabethtown, $1,478.14; Randall Thompson, Hope, $6,000; Jeffrey A. Brooks, Hope, $1,272.50; Shannon M. Tulloch, Taylorsville, $1,672.42; Nicole D. Vanosdol, Scipio, and Cody Vanosdol, Spencer, $2,053.13; Enrique Patlan, Elm Street, $1,907.45; Kimberly S. Weddle, Pence Avenue, $2,401.69; Regina Hamm, Fox Hollow Court, $1,480.81; Annmarie Paule, Deerfield Place, $1,025.81; Brianna S. Robertson, Sumpter Trail, $521.28; Donna K. Stevenson, California Street, $2,842.99; Veronica D. Renn, Hutchins Avenue, $2,228.12; Daniel L. Wasson, Hope, $746.29; Julie K. Ralston, Westport, $1,483.15; Heather L. Vinson, Hope, $1,528.87; Jennifer and Chris Shifflett, Washington Street, $4,339.37; Layne M. Schwartz, Greensburg, $1,239.43; Hugo G. Ruiz, Pinion Circle, $1,424.87; and Sheila D. Swayze, West County Road 100S, $1,357.80.

IMC Credit Services vs. Betty D. Vierling, Greensburg, $1,682.48; Teresa A. Sizemore, Washington Street, $1,594.43; Katie E. Smith, Wint Court, $1,651.52; Brandy R. Stroh, Keller Avenue, $1,112.32; Scott and Victoria Stainbrook, California Street, $1,315.53; Andrew R. Supernovich, California Street, $1,819.79; Inita L. Sweet, Forsythia Drive, $1,606.84; Ernie T. Nichols, Nineveh, $1,451.53; Judy A. Pena, McClure Street, $4,853.22; Derek B. Purtlebaugh, Two Worlds Drive, $766.20; Jill Wininger, Lawton Avenue, $3,270.44; Melvin K. Robbins, 18th Street, $3,813.71; Michael Shea, Hope, $3,480.40; Mandy C. Wilson, North Vernon, $5,222.21; and Megan and Kent Skinner, Taylorsville, $1,473.99.

Allied Collection Service vs. Ronald D. Venable, Smith Street, $1,652.69.

Bloomfield Apartments vs. Lisa G. Fields, Sims Court, complaint for eviction.

Bill Watkins, Nashville, vs. Russell Altop, Dawson Street, $4,800.

J. Elra Holdingz Inc. vs. Victor David and Vic’s Antiques and Uniques, Edinburgh, complaint for damages and eviction.

Home Real Estate vs. Judy Blair, Union Street, complaint for eviction.

Personal Finance vs. Foster S. Secrest, Lafayette Avenue, $580.37.

Mark Mouser, West Old Nashville Road, vs. Desiree Dreyfus, California Street, $575 and eviction.

Janice Whittington, Hope, vs. Anthony Blair, Franklin Street, $3,921.98.

Laura Liu, Wyndham Place South, vs. Christopher D. Castetter, Apache Court, $1,750 and eviction.

Indiana Farm Bureau vs. Hayden Bergmooser, Hope, $4,576.50.

IMC Credit Services vs. Robert W. Price, South Lincoln Village Drive, $1,167.85; Angela K. Spaugh, Vinewood Drive, $6,000; Stephanie R. Shepherd, 13th Street, $2,813.38; Jeffery W. Tobias, West Goeller Road, $1,263.01; Wanda Wright, North Vernon, $1,095.03; Deanna R. Mallory, Edinburgh, $828.77; Michael E. Pearson, Pennsylvania Street, $3,061.56; Chad A. Smith, Butlerville, $3,015.23; Jerry L. Parker, North Vernon, $2,422.83; Brooke M. Thompson, Columbus, $1,927.20; James Bourland, Hope, $2,842.89; Michael L. Moore, Wallace Avenue, $719.59; Carrie S. Whitted, East Coffey Drive, $1,446.99; Jeffery S. Ruff, Elizabethtown, $3,240.64; Edgar Officer, West County Road 200S, $6,000.18; and Eddie L. and Velta Rainwater, Patterson Road, $3,204.27.

Allied Collection Service vs. Prasad Kondapi, Fairfax Drive, $1,555.89; Serenity Sample, Thicket Court, $1,493.20; and Jennifer K. Telez, Columbus, $1,721.71.