Letter: Candidate has roots in other party

From: Steve Wolverton


I have noted with interest the letters to the editor extolling the virtues of Scott Andrews.

My wife and I have looked at the records and experiences of the two candidates for Circuit Court judge. When you put the two records side by side, it becomes obvious one is extremely qualified to be a judge, that is Kelly Benjamin; and the other really has no qualifications other than knowing where the court is located because as an attorney, he has tried cases there.

None of the letters in support of Andrews mention his conversion to the Republican Party and/or his leaving the Democratic Party. It was only a few years ago (2005 to 2008) that Andrews was Bartholomew County chairman for the Democratic Party.

As a Republican candidate, you would think that Andrews would surround himself with fellow Republicans. Not so. His campaign manager is former Columbus Mayor Fred Armstrong, and other people who are still active in the Democratic Party serve on his campaign team. It would seem that if the conversion from Democrat to Republican had been true, there would be some evidence of it as he runs for this office. Not so in this case.

Benjamin has no such conversion history. She has always been a Republican.

Vote for Kelly Benjamin in this race, the only candidate who is a real Republican, not one who is running as one but maintains his Democratic roots.