Around Town – May 2

Orchids to …

• Rodney Coffey and Faith Ministries for all your help working with the homeless, from Vanessa Hearn.

• Gene Hack, Jenny Wallace, Early Childhood Education students, Automation and Robotics and PTLW Engineering students at North for your awesome presentation to the Busy Bees students, from Sue Edwards and Tricia McCormick.

• Nita Evans for the beautiful letter in Saturday’s paper about your dear mom. You described her perfectly, as I knew her and worked with her for 40 years. She was a very dear lady, from Judy.

• David Harpenau, Jerry Simo and the woman whose name I failed to get for helping my 92-year-old father during early voting at Donner Center on Friday, from Ed Eckerly.

• Park and Rec mowing crews for the upkeep on the People Trails, mowing at the park and planting trees. You’re making Columbus look great.

• Steven Thompson for finding and returning my class ring after it was stolen years ago, from Judy Holder.

• whoever bought my lunch Saturday, from Mary.

• Trinity Baptist Church for a tremendous homecoming and meal on Sunday.

• Donna Reuf for being generous, thoughtful, informative and caring, from Mary Lou.

Happy Birthday to …

• Christina Shoultz, from your family, Lori and Donna.

• Roxanna McIntire, from your family, Jeanette and Donna.

• John Ray from friends at the Moravian Church

• Jenny Schuette from Aunt Elsie.

• Andy Dempsey.

Belated Wishes to …

• Pete Foist, from your family and Martha.

ANOTHER beautiful morning