Oven fire leaves smoke damage

An oven fire caused smoke damage to a Columbus home, but no one was injured.

Columbus Fire Department responded to a possible house fire at 10:56 a.m. Friday at 812 Hutchins Ave. Firefighters arrived to find smoke inside the residence, and after entering discovered a heavily damaged stove. The fire was isolated to the oven, said Capt. Mike Wilson, the fire department’s public information officer.

Firefighters used a ventilation fan to remove the smoke and monitored carbon monoxide levels inside home. Once the house was cleared of carbon monoxide, the firefighters allowed the owners to return inside, Wilson said.

Columbus Fire Department and the Red Cross installed smoke alarms in the home in 2015. Owner Charlotte Barnhart said she was alerted to the fire after she heard a smoke alarm sounding. When she walked toward the sounding alarm, she discovered smoke and called 911, Wilson said.