Letter: Not enough mentions of marijuana’s benefits

From: Collin Coffman


I recently read an article that was posted on a news website about the drug “shatter” and I was disappointed because I found it misleading. I disagree that this drug is “dangerous” the way the story described it.

THC is known to be highly non-toxic. Our bodies are actually designed to handle cannabis and THC because we have an endocannabinoid system that plays key roles in immunity, mood, pain-management, and appetite.

I also consider the mention at the end of the story that wax was found with the eight homicide victims in Ohio to be a disrespectful scare tactic, which is effectively meaningless without a direct link.

With the majority of Americans supporting cannabis legalization, as an Oct. 21, 2015, Gallup poll showed, one would think a major media outlet would want to publish articles on the positive health benefits of using cannabis and the amount of tax revenue being generated by the new booming industry, instead of continuing to publish articles on prohibitionist laws that don’t work and ruin lives.