Around Town – May 28

Orchids to …

• all local veterans for their service.

• the school board for doing the right thing.

• Nancy McWhorter for her assistance, from a disabled person.

• Kate Hamilton for so eloquently stating the inconvenient and uncomfortable truth.

• friends and old neighbors in Countryside Addition for reaching out to me, from Christina Varo.

• Bob Bowling for being a kind, caring and supportive person, from Rachel.

• Fred Amrhein and Sharon Rudd for all your kindness and caring support for my brother, Dave, from Rachel.

• Milo Smith for joining the celebration of Merrill K. Johnson’s 104th birthday.

• Dr. John Pawlus for his presentation on the evils of fluoride in drinking water.

• Doug Wilson for the wonderful letter to the editor reminding us all of the true meaning of Memorial Day.

Onions to …

• the man who stands on the corner by the big box store and doesn’t pick up his empty water bottles when he leaves.

• rude people in the test vehicle who run around the county and tear up our roads.

• people who don’t understand that the singer who canceled her performance at the concert has rights, too.

• the woman who blasts her religious music so loud late at night that it wakes up the entire neighborhood.

• people who disrespect their neighbors by drinking, singing and cussing loudly late at night on their front porch several times a week instead of going out back or inside the house.

• anyone who resents 5-year-olds having a graduation when it might be the only one some of them ever have, and schools should be applauded for doing it.

• those for the overgrown cemetery at State Road 11 and County Road 1000S.

• school officials for making kids deal with transgender restrooms when they should be making faculty restrooms transgender instead.

• the gender group that keeps trying to take other people’s rights away.

• retail stores that advertise as yard or garage sales.

Happy Birthday to …

• Angelique Lanasa, from Pastor Lewis and the Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Rachel Barga, Cathy Burnes, Jeff Cleland, Connor and Clayton Wilson, Pam and Pat May, Patrick Alyea, Cameron Lee, Blake Roth, Allyson Broderick, Grace Broderick and Larry Simmons, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Ron Weidman from Graham’s Corner Chapel church.

• Zachary Wager from Daddy, Mommy, Caitlin and Grandma and Grandpa Beeker.

• Brenda Preusz from Jean Patrick.

• Teresa Brown from Mom.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Joyce and Mike Mathis, on No. 34, from Nick, Cara, Storm and Shy.

• Alan and Rayetta Mize.

• Paul and Betty Hardin, on No. 50, from the Maggards and Fosnights, on No. 50.