Letter: Transgender ruling turns world upside down

From: Steven R. Felde


The BCSC Board of Trustees recently gave special protection and special rights to so-called “transgendered” individuals who may be attending our schools. As a result of this action, boys may occupy the restrooms and shower facilities while our daughters are present in those facilities (and vice versa).

Why should a very tiny minority of students dictate policy for the vast majority of students? The policy disregards the privacy and emotional well-being of all the normal, decent children in the school district.

To my knowledge, gender dysphoria has not been removed from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders by political bullying and a quorum vote, like homosexuality has been in the recent past. Why are those individuals being treated as if their psychosis is normal behavior? Those psychologically ill people are not being discriminated against in any way. They have been allowed to use the bathrooms and shower facilities that correspond to their biological sex, just like everyone else. Accommodating their delusion is ridiculous.

Whatever happened to common sense? Why are the BCSC, President Barack Obama and his Democratic allies forcing their political correctness on a population that would certainly not take this action if it were put to a vote? The world is turning upside down. Evil is being called good and good is being called evil. People of their ilk have helped bring that about. Shame on them.