Around Town – June 7

Orchids to …

• John Armstrong for the excellent, right-on letter explaining the need for equality in conscientious objections.

• Larry White for giving a person a ride to a church function.

• Marshall Carmer for helping a disabled person and being considerate of the disabled.

• Columbus Transit riders who move so disabled people can sit.

• the people on Bruck Road for the three free reindeer, from Becky Davis.

• Lew Wilson.

• Flowers from the Woods for the gorgeous bouquet, from Francis, Betty and Barb.

• Gladstone Cemetery for the beautiful field of flowers.

• Emily Bohall for the beautiful pepper plant, from your Uncle Will.

• Amy Macy and family, White River Running Company and those who supported the Abby Brinkman 5K Run/Walk Saturday, from Jan and Roger.

• the local glass company at 14th and California streets for the neighborhood gathering Saturday evening, because it was fantastic.

• Lewis Burton, Eli Johnson, Randy Denton, Ray Bryant, Stacy Tucker for being such good preachers, from someone who has sat under their preaching.

• American Legion Post No. 24 for using The Republic’s community calendar to inform people of post activities, from a proud member.

• Steinmetz Dentistry, Amanda and staff for taking care of our boy in an urgent situation.

Onions to …

• whoever thinks that lost pets are only outside cats and dogs not kept on leashes, from a responsible pet owner.

• the road work crew who has yet to cap off a culvert worked on last year, resulting in a rough road surface.

• those who label others with opposing moral beliefs you disagree with as biased, hateful, racist and discriminatory.

• the three teenage girls at the concert who had seats up front, got up and left as the concert started and then came back at intermission and talked loudly through the rest of the event.

• the person who stopped for the funeral procession Friday at Taylor Road and 25th Street, leaving us stuck in the middle of the intersection.

• people who put their dog into a hot and closed garage late at night and to the animal agency for not answering the phone.

• the neighbors with ducks, chickens, turkey, pig and the eight dogs in the house, because we live in a subdivision not a farm.

• the judge who sent a drug dealer for mental help and not prison as people are dying from taking drugs.

• those for closing a portion of Fourth Street for a private wedding.

• the complainers about the cat and dog food at the pantry because they do not realize that those items can be donated to the food bank and that people can’t afford those items.

• those for letting overnight campers park in high school parking lots.

• the rude train operator Sunday morning for overuse of the train whistle.

• neighbors who have had broken-down vehicles and trash in their driveway and yard for months and who don’t take care of their property.

• the city for placing signs in downtown Columbus that support an agenda for a small minority that does not reflect family values.

• churches and people that push the Bible on people against their will.

• the church that served under-cooked meat at the fellowship dinner.

• the official at the market for being rude to a disabled person.

• people who neglect the little animals in the humid weather.

Happy Birthday to …

• Kent Cheever, from Catherine and Marty.

• Norman Eavey, from Liv and Ethan.

• Blade Elliott, from Pastor Lewis and the Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• my husband Bob Green, from Sue.

• Lily Johnson, from Pat, Mike and family.

• Rick Forrest, from Dave.

• Jayne Hege, from Elsie.

• Mary Reed, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Lynn Biggs Hassel.

• Marilyn Harris.

• Karyn Konetzka.

• William Crull.

• Kendra Sanders.

Belated Wishes to …

• Bertie Burton, from Betty, J.D. and friends.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Ed and Barbara Johnson, from friends at the Moravian Church.