Letter: Memorial Day a pride-filled, perfect weekend

From: Shirley Todd


We are blessed. Let the emotions and tears flow.

Wow, what a great Memorial Day weekend I had. The Salute concert was great as usual, and I thought Donata Cucinotta was beautiful and sang with beauty. We were blessed to get her. On May 28, I watched the parade in Indianapolis, and, wow again, the race on TV. The morning of May 29 was the Veterans Memorial Service in Washington, D.C.

Could a weekend be any better? Not for me. I just had pride and honor through all of the events. My emotions and tears did flow. Thanks to all who helped us love our service soldiers even more. As I looked back in the crowd, as the veterans stood as their songs were played at the Salute concert, my ol’ chest sure swelled with gratitude for them.

Here I want to add that when the draft was in place, our youths were drafted and had some direction in their life and a purpose of serving their country, making many of them much better citizens when they got out. Sad to say, many of today’s youths graduate to no job and spend lots of time texting and on computers. I volunteered for a while at the USO in Edinburgh and was amazed at most of the troops being so courteous. I feel the armed services help to grow better future generations.

I only had one negative about three teenage girls in the audience, but I won’t ruin this letter with that. I’ll put it in the Onions section.