Around Town – June 13

Orchids to …

• Evert, the cashier at Marsh, for working diligently and being attentive and polite to your customers Saturday afternoon.

• the Greenbelt Golf Course staff for the many new improvements you have made this year as the course is in excellent shape and has never looked better.

• the woman on The Republic circulation desk Sunday morning who made me laugh.

• Paul Ferguson and Brent Chitty for providing such an enjoyable and rewarding basketball experience for the youth of Columbus.

• the staff and volunteers that made the 2016 Harrison Lake Member Invitational a most enjoyable experience for the members and our guests.

• Wayne and Betty Pluris for their assistance on Saturday, from a disabled person.

• the Sherwin family for their assistance, from a disabled person.

• Jim Romine for the assistance with the rototiller Saturday, from the Olmsteads.

• all those who offered assistance to me Saturday morning, especially to Jill.

• Ron Arnold for the beautiful wintry photo submitted in Sunday’s paper.

• St. Paul Lutheran for the use of their fellowship hall for a 50th wedding anniversary Saturday, from a grateful person.

Happy Birthday to …

• Tom L. Day, from Bethel Baptist Church.

• Dennis Bailon, from the Rev. Lewis and the Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Traci Smith, from the Rev. Lewis and the Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Paul Sharp from Brown’s Corner Chapel Church.

• Will Burnett from Elsie.

• Donna Preble, from Pat, Mike, Mom, Ziggie and the family.

• Ryan Putnam, from your family and Donna.

• Doris Ann Barkes, from Janet.

• Carrie Cain, from Pam, Kenny, Jeremy, Brittney, Caylin, Morgan, Jeff, Amy, Tye, Trey, Dad, Mom, Dylan, Kendra and Tyler.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Merle and Susie Milhoan.

• Mary and Ed Branstetter on No. 50, from your daughters.

ANOTHER beautiful morning