Court news – June 18

This is a report of cases filed recently in Bartholomew Superior Court No. 2. Names and addresses were taken directly from court records.

Small claims filed

Oliver Tzeng, Indianapolis, vs. Bryan Krebbs and Nicole Hoggatt, Pinewood Drive, $2,000 and eviction.Elaine Nidex, Beam Road, vs. Chris Traylor, Shiloh Drive, $1,345 and eviction.

Centra Credit Union vs. Michael and Zita Moore, North Marr Road, $5,070.01; Hunter Gomez, Elizabethtown, $2,921.65; Ryan Stutler, Elizabethtown, $805.78; Shirley Griffith, Morgantown, $2,313.53; and Tara Howard, Columbus, $1,304.12.

Quail Run Apartments vs. Catherine Dance, Kevin Drive, complaint for damages and eviction; Matthew Lynch, William Jordan and Taylor Lang, Robert Drive, damages and eviction; and Mitchell Staggs and Sara Eddleman, Kevin Drive, damages and eviction.

Jesse and Carolyn Gentry, California Street, vs. Daniel Miller and April Hupp, Elm Street, complaint for damages and eviction.

John Taulman, Sawin Drive, vs. Kelly Ailes, Sycamore Street, $1,375 and eviction.

Paul Bixler, West County Road 200N, vs. Robin Collins, North Hughes Street, $2,500 and eviction; and Dennis and Sonia Colvin, Wrenwood Place, $1,706.

Biddle and Aimers Properties, Concord Court, vs. Jason and Miranda Whitmore, West Grandview Drive, $3,500.

Housing Partnerships Inc. vs. Chadd Hatton, Columbus, $1,077.83.

Thomas H. Cote, North Graham Avenue, vs. Laura Bryant, North Ross Street, $1,020 and eviction.

David A. Nowak, Fourth Street, vs. Joshua Paetzel, Hope, $610; Jason Petro, North Burbrink Drive, $500; Rockford Mobley, Morgantown, $886.50; and Benjamin Lee Wilson, Chandler Drive, $350.

White River Broadcasting Co. vs. Moore Limousine/Sharman Johnson, Cherry Street, $2,580.

Jason Paul Newman, Grammer, vs. Monica L. Wirth and Wirth Construction, Home Avenue, $445.21.

Sally J. Merrill, Lafayette Avenue, vs. Neal Tire, 25th Street, $714.75.

Jamey Reed, 25th Street, vs. Kevin Goff and T.J. Huerta, Orinoco Avenue, $1,800 and eviction.

Alan B. Conrad, Grange Drive, vs. Remax/Jean and Annette Donica, Columbus, $3,000.

Lohmeyer Plumbing vs. Issiah and Deborah Hawk, West Deaver Road, $329.69.

Allied Collection Services vs. Lauren Hammeck, Hope, $1,753.72; Bradley Harman, Madison, $3,995.94; and Robert Hoffman, Commiskey, $1,384.06.

William G. Garber, West Quincy Court, vs. Jeff Barr, Taylorsville, $1,800; Jennifer Allen, North Vernon, $2,562.50; Nick Keaton, Rolling Hill Drive, $1,363; Dakini LLC, in care of Teresa Western, Della Road, $225; and Scott Brown, West Keith Drive, $450.

Allied Collection Service vs. Jason C. Harper, Lee Court, $4,884.03; Robin L. Leonard, Garden Street, $1,609.61; Donald S. Luken, 17th Street, $1,579.81; and Michael D. Moon, Fiesbeck Drive, $1,585.77.

Joli Rentals, East Base Road, vs. Terri Frodge, Taylorsville, damages and eviction.

Stephen Brooks, Bitterwood Court, vs. John Stepper, 18th Street, $7,916 and eviction.

Gerald L. Byrne, 25th Street, vs. Rose Marie Reed, Cottage Avenue, $3,574 and eviction.

Zachary Nelson Grayson, East Hilltop Drive, vs. Kyle E. Smith, Nashville, $2,250.

Joy Virginia Dvorak, DVM, South Wolfcreek Road, vs. Travis and Natalie Hays, West Ohio Ridge Road, $705.35.

Columbus Housing Authority vs. Adrian and Darlene Jenkins, 25th Street, damages and eviction.

Jessica Thomas, Home Avenue, vs. Kurtis Gregory, Home Avenue, damages and eviction.

LARC Properties, Nineveh, vs. James Crouch, North Marr Road, $1,500 and eviction.

Lincoln Village Cooperative vs. Cory McNeeland and Brittney Shaw McNeeland, South Lincoln Village Drive, $1,140 and eviction.

Jonathan Hash, Elizabethtown, vs. Connie Conner, Patterson Road, $5,350 and eviction.

Michael Kessler, West Keith Drive, vs. Stephanie Fields, West Keith Drive, damages and eviction.

Cormorant Corp., doing business as Bloomfield, vs. Larry Allender, Sims Court, damages and eviction.

Robert Monroe, Monroe Court, vs. Jason Riley Lawson, Hope, $5,500.

Smith Implements Inc., Greensburg, vs. Matt Marlin, Hope, $1,278.22.

Personal Finance Co. vs. Lottie B. Werntz, McKinley Avenue, $1,565.39.

Canterbury House Apartments vs. Lisa Joyner, Nicholas Lane, $927.31 and eviction.

Collection Associates vs. John C. Rausch, South County Road 200W, $2,796.23; Debra J. Ortega, West Georgetown Road, $890.38; Brenda K. Perry, West County Road 50N, $2,507.20; Jennifer K. Key, Chestnut Street, $1,277.53; Levi J. Garrison, Hope, $799.26; and Paige M. Kennedy, Eastgate Drive, $482.34.

Grayson Management vs. Gregory and Verrica Clark, South Jonesville Road, $1,150 and eviction.

Tracy L. Cox, Brownstown, vs. Eric D. Michaels, Maple Street, $1,000.

Joli Rentals, East Base Road, vs. Loretta Mize and Kristina Perkinson, South County Road 300E, $1,225 plus undetermined damages.

Patricia Fields, Chestnut Street, vs. Donita Simmons, Chestnut Street, $1,890 and eviction.

Allied Collection Service vs. Michelle B. Myers, Elizabethtown, $4,064.21; Russell E. Byers, Ohio, Avenue, $1,945.48; John P. Evener, Vance Street, $1,499.96; Cami M. Hardin, Nashville, $2,705.72; Natasha I. Jones, Grand Avenue, $1,841.85; Rebecca Lunsford, Taylorsville, $4,206.96; and Jeramie McCray, North County Road 700W, $4,382.97.

Columbus Village Townhomes vs. Ryan Hurley, 27th Place, $675 and eviction.

CVI Loan GT Trust I vs. Jenna Grider, West Deaver Road, $5,441.41.

Aaron’s Sales and Leasing vs. Steffany Vanepps, Timber Ridge Court, $1,500; Jennifer Hardin, North Vernon, $1,500; Cody Adams, South County Road 100W, $1,500; and Kimberly Miller, East Georgetown Road, $1,500.

Midwest Computer Solutions Inc. vs. Kevin Krekeler of Employment Partner, Batesville, $486.05.

Mark and Laura Pasley, Taylorsville, vs. Harley Pasley, Bartholomew County, damages and eviction.

Allied Collection Service vs. Carrie L. Baldwin, Flat Rock, $1,911.