In the month since the citywide ColumBIKE BikeShare program launched in Columbus on May 21, more than 200 riders have opted into the program through hourly, day or annual membership passes.

As ColumBIKE’s participation continues to grow in the coming months, city law enforcement officials are urging cyclists to learn the rules of sharing the road with motor vehicles and to be aware of other common courtesies that will keep riders and drivers safe.

“There are more bicycles than ever on the road, so we want everybody to be safe and to try to be as visible as possible,” said Matt Harris, spokesman for the Columbus Police Department.

The most important thing to remember when riding a bike down city streets is that all traffic laws that apply to vehicles also apply to bicycles, Harris said. That means bikers must obey all traffic signs, stop at stop signs and red lights, yield the right of way when necessary, etc.

If cyclists do not comply with traffic laws, they can receive the same citations as drivers, Harris said. Infractions such as disregarding stop signs or other violations that increase the risk of being on the road are likely to earn bikers a ticket, he said.

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